Squirrelly Helpers


Hello everyone!  I hope you all found time for a little R&R on this gloomy, cold Saturday!

I had a sampling at New Seasons today, per usual on a Saturday, but today was much more exciting because I had helpers, Malory and Kip!  Both students at Tualatin High School, where Keeley and I both graduated from in 2009. 

I am starting what I like to call a Wild Squirrel Intern Program!  The hope is to develop teams of students, like these two, who are willing to go out into the community and spread the word of Wild Squirrel!  

Up until this point it has been just Keeley and I sampling at every store.  On average we have done 3 samplings a week since the beginning of November.  As fun as the two of us have interacting with our wonderful customers we have realized that we need more help!  If it were physically possible, we would be in all of the 25 stores that carry our peanut butter every day passing out samples and familiarizing people with our delicious nut butter.  Since we clearly can’t do that, we are reaching out to teenagers and college aged students to help us!  

Malory and Kip were the first two people, other then Keeley and myself, to do a sampling in stores.  They were hanging out with me today and getting the feel for how a typical sampling works. It was very fulfilling to watch them in their Wild Squirrel t-shirts interacting with the customers and answering the bounty of questions that we get!

And what a great job they did! My goal is to find more awesome students like them who will become so familiar with the ins and outs of our company that they can go out on their own and represent Wild Squirrel in stores!  

Stay tuned for developments :)


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