Food on the Road


Erika and I spend a lot of time in the car — this week especially, as we decided to roadtrip the 8 hours to our production facility in California, to oversee our new almond butters and packets!

After spending a year together in a tiny dorm room, Erika and I are used to remaining in tight quarters together for long periods of time, so the hours spent in the car aren’t too difficult. However, with our combined allergies (gluten, dairy, soy, etc) and preferences (sustainably raised meat), finding quick easy meals right off the highway is practically impossible. We’ve noticed this on other long car trips we’ve been on in the past, so this trip we came prepared!

Here’s Erika opening her lunch (a can of tuna) in the gas station parking lot (we’re not too picky about atmosphere at our dining establishments).

 The first day of driving we had a big bowl of salad greens as well as a couple eggs we had packed. We had delicious salads in the car… free of charge and with no hassle! 

After we arrived at the hotel and settled in, we made a beeline for the nearest Whole Foods… our mecca!

Whole Foods… our happy place.

We got the by-the-pound salads… always a dangerous option. Erika and I will pile up on beets and roasted veggies and get major sticker shock at the register. (We’ve ended up with $20 salads before!) This time we were a little more cautious with the heavy items. I had asparagus, greens, chicken, beets, and a few other yummy additions.


We were super lucky to have a hotel fridge + microwave, so we also stocked up on some healthy options to have for lunch at the factory/dinner at the hotel.

Almond/soy milk, veggie burgers, salad greens, greek yogurt, blueberries, salsa, mustard, and even kombucha… we’ve got a full fridge!

Our “pantry” — Rice protein powder, oatmeal, tuna, beans, and dark chocolate of course! Who says you can’t eat well away from home?

Besides, if we get hungry between meals… at least we’ve got LOTS of peanut butter!

Another long day at the factory awaits us tomorrow… Goodnight!

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