P.B. Is Flying Off The Shelves!


In the past week, an article in the local Eugene newspaper called The Register Guard, was published, as well as a local spotlight in the Market of Choice ad!

These two pieces of local press have created quite the buzz here in Eugene, and we couldn’t be happier!  As you can see in the ad, we are on sale for the first time ever!  Many people have been taking advantage of this great deal, so Keeley and I have been busy making store deliveries!  

Wheeling in a cart full of Pretzel Pizazz and Sneaky Cinnamon to Willamette Market of Choice

Early morning delivery

One of the many things we have learned in the past 4 months since we first launched in stores, is that grocery managers work early!  Most deliveries must be done between 4am-10am, so we always have to be sure to set our alarms so we can make it to all the stores before 10am.

As I’m sure you can tell, we are looking pretty sleepy in this picture, as this was the morning after our road trip back from our production site in California.  But we weren’t complaining, we returned from a successful production week and discovered that shelves were empty due to the article and the sale!

Boxes galore

The Market of Choice sale continues through the end of next week, so we are taking full advantage of this and doing as many samplings as possible.

Our wonderful friends Suzanne and Lauren were incredibly generous and agreed to help us with sampling :)  This allowed us to be represented in two different Market of Choice stores on the same afternoon.

We are both anxiously awaiting the day we start selling/sampling our almond butters for the first time!  Every time we sample, customers ask, “do you have anything besides peanut butter?”  And very shortly that answer will be…YES!!

More to come on that later!


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