Pretzel Pizazzin'


We had another busy day at the p.b. making factory!  On the top of our to-do list was something very tedious but worth it in the end…chopping pretzels for our beloved Pretzel Pizazz!

From sticks to bite size pieces!

During our first peanut butter production back in October, we also hand chopped the pretzels, which is very time consuming and not our favorite thing in the world.  We were very confident that this time around we’d be able to find a pretzel piece that came already baked to the perfect bite size, but turns out that’s harder then it may seem when you are a small company that can’t afford to place special orders!  So alas, we spent much of our day chopping away :)

Keeley aka the chopping queen!  

Happy to have a tray full of finished pretzel pieces!

At the end of the day, we were happy to see all of our chopping pay off as the salty pretzel pieces and creamy clover honey were swirled into the peanut butter to make this…


We are so happy with how our peanut butters have turned out so far!  They are tasting even more delicious, if that’s possible ;)

Tomorrow is an exciting day because we begin to make our almond butter for the first time!  We will have lots to share tomorrow, that’s all for now!


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