Production Time!


It’s a big week for the squirrels!  We are back again at our co-packing facility for another week of production.  We arrived this morning and had our first day of factory work!  We were welcomed with the smell and the sight of…peanuts!

400 pounds of freshly roasted peanuts!

This is a very exciting time for Keeley and I because not only are we making more peanut butter, but we are expanding the Wild Squirrel family to include our 2 new almond butter flavors, Joyful Java and Chocolate Sun-Sation!  In addition, we will be putting our nut butters into single serve 1.15 ounce to-go packets that will look like this-

We can’t wait to be able to take our peanut and almond butters with us where ever we go!  I’m most excited to be able to take our packets on long car rides when I need a little boost.

The very first thing we did when we got to the co-packer was to take inventory of all of our ingredients.  

Here we have the peanuts!

After we had everything accounted for we got to work!  We helped measure ingredients, cap jars, use the label machine and box and stack product.  At the end of the day our hard work paid off!

A pallet of Curious Cocoa-Nut!  For those of you who have placed online orders and are waiting patiently until March 1st, thank you!  Your Curious Cocoa-Nut is now closer then ever :)

Today we made a couple thousand jars of peanut butter and have many more ahead of us!  It was a very successful first day and we are excited about the adventures that the rest of the week has in store!  

We will be updating you all on our progress.

That’s all for now, 


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