Travelin' Squirrels


Yesterday was our last day at the p.b. making facility…what a week it has been!  We loaded up the car and we were on the road yet again!  Lucky for us, we have some good family friends that live about 3 hours away from our factory, so they were generous enough to host us for the evening.  It was such a treat to stay in a warm, cozy house with homemade food and lots of good tea, as opposed to living out of the car/hotel for a week!  In exchange, we gifted them with our peanut butter and new almond butters. Keeley and I were anxiously watching as they all tried and commented on each one, we were especially anxious for them to try our new flavors!  Especially after realizing they hadn’t tried them since our 8 ounce glass mason jar days, yikes!  We were very glad that they were finally trying our much improved versions.  They love them!  Especially Chocolate Sun-Sation. 

Bright and squirrely 

After a morning of relaxation in our pjs, we reluctantly packed up again and headed back to Eugene!

Road trip essentials- reading material, gum, yummy food from a local co-op and some sunglasses 

We were lucky to have beautiful weather-so beautiful that we couldn’t resist eating lunch outside on a nice grassy patch!

We love vitamin D!

After a long week of production we are SO thrilled to be back with more product!  We have been running low, so we are relieved to be fully loaded with p.b. and our newly beloved almond butters!  

The whole way home we were reminiscing about the past 4 months that we have been selling our product in stores, and it’s hard for us to believe the incredibly positive response we’ve received.  

Four months ago, our leap from farmer’s markets to stores was just beginning, and now we are in 32 stores and growing quicker then we could’ve ever imagined!

Overall it was a great week!  We got a lot accomplished and we cannot wait to introduce our new flavors into the Wild Squirrel family!


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