Wild Wednesday

It is Wednesday once again and time to feature another wonderful person!  Much like last week, I have been so looking forward to the person I choose to brag about this week :)  I think the main reason I have been enjoying my weekly Wild Wednesday posts, is because it’s a chance for me to step back from my busy daily life and take the time to remember the people who have made what Keeley and I do that much more interesting and rewarding!

Not to say we haven’t worked hard to get to where we are today, but it has been much more of an enjoyable process with people like JESS, this weeks star of Wild Wednesday!

The lovely Jess enjoying some delicious looking PHO!  Looks tasty!

We met Jess at the beginning of November 2011 while we were doing our very first New Seasons demo!  Up until this point, Keeley and I had only sampled our peanut butter from unsealed mason jars at street fairs and farmer’s markets, so as you can imagine, it was thrilling to be sampling our p.b. in a store!  Jess was the first employee that we befriended and as soon as we told her our story and let her try our p.b., she was so incredibly enthusiastic!  Jess’s encouragement was exactly the reassurance we needed.

Here we are with Jess at our first ever demo at the Cedar Hills New Seasons!

Basically, we think Jess is pretty cool, and here’s why!  

Jess Sexton

Cedar Hills New Seasons Employee

— I am ambitious for anything that is delicious and a devotee to hilarity. (Bonus points for anything that is both funny and tasty.)

--I am a Floater extraordinaire at New Seasons! Basically, I get to work in all of the departments within the store and help where needed. It’s the coolest job on the planet, and has lead to some awesome opportunities thus far, like meeting the Wild Squirrel Nut Butter-ers!  ( Awww :) )

—I am passionate and inspired by delicious and nutritious food, good people doing good things, humor, my loved ones, music, helping others, cooking, exploring, equality, learning, writing, and fanciful jargon. 

—My favorite outdoor activity is definitely archery. Traditional archery though, and not for hunting. I’ve grown up doing archery with my family and I love it.  (Too cool, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who regularly plays archery!)

—My favorite place to travel hasn’t yet happened. I want to explore Southeast Asia. The cuisine, geography, and culture of Thailand make it top on my list though.  (Me too Jess!!)

—My future goals include continuing to work for a company that I believe in, traveling, and furthering the relationships with the wonderful people in my life.  

—My favorite flavor of Wild Squirrel is easily Sneaky Cinnamon, and I use it in my sweet version of the Monte Cristo sandwich with caramelized bananas and bacon. But the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. I use them in everything from cookies, crepes, smoothies and milkshakes, pies, sundaes, and sandwiches, to stirring them in my oatmeal, and adding them to dressing and sauce recipes.  ( Bottom line, this is what started our friendship…food!  She’s a major foodie like us!  She never mentioned this, but Jess has her degree in culinary arts and is an exceptional cook!)

Thanks Jess for being this weeks Wild Wednesday feature!  Keeley and I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the past few months and have appreciate the support you’ve given us within your store and beyond!

That’s all for now!

Have a great day everybody-


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