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Hello!  A happy Wednesday and start of the month to you all!  It’s hard to believe January has come and gone but Keeley and I can hardly wait for what the next 11 months of the year have in store for us!  

Since starting our peanut butter adventure back in February 2011, we have been incredibly fortunate for many reasons.  One of the reasons being the magnitude of support we have received from our family, friends and loyal customers!  We credit much of our success to the unexpected, yet highly appreciated generosity we’ve experienced throughout the process of starting Wild Squirrel.  I can confidently say that we wouldn’t be at this successful stage 12 months later without all of our dedicated supporters.  So, to those of you out there who have helped us out along the way, whether in the form of driving us to the post office when we where without a car, packing boxes at 11:30 p.m. or simply and most importantly, helping us spread the word of Wild Squirrel, thank you!  We cannot say it enough!

Some of our friends helping us sell peanut butter at the U of O street fair!

In order to properly recognize influential people that we have met or will meet in the future, Keeley and I are launching a weekly feature on our blog called Wild Wednesday! Our goal is to spotlight someone who has made an impact on our lives personally or professionally and share our experiences with you!  They may be a old/new customer, a store manager, a new friend, fellow business owner etc.  We have already met a number of people who have made an impact on us and our company, and we feel lucky to be beginning our entrepreneurial careers with vibrant energy and a passion for learning.  We like to joke that Wild Squirrel is our honorary business degree as we have already learned an incredible amount in such a small time frame.  One of the best things about owning a business is that everyday is an adventure and we are excited to share certain people who make our adventure that much more enjoyable. 

Our first Wild Wednesday feature is Lori!

Here we are at a store sampling with Lori!  

Lori has been one of our biggest supporters since day 1!  She has seen the transformation of our company that started as a small college apartment operation, selling in 8oz. jars at farmer’s market to the point we are at today.  Lori makes a point to come to our store samplings to say hello and to encourage customers in the store to try (and buy) our peanut butter.  We have joked about hiring her as our PR representative!  Here are a few fun facts about Lori, one of the people who has given us encouragement every step of the way!  

-Where do you live?

Lake Oswego, Oregon

-How did you initially discover Wild Squirrel?

My son was a student at the U of O and as a gift he bought me some Sneaky Cinnamon at your street fair booth in May 2011.  After that I was hooked and have been a loyal Wild Squirrel fan since! 

-Favorite way to eat our peanut butter?

Straight out of the jar!

-Where do you buy Wild Squirrel?

Mountain Park New Seasons, right by my house!  

-Random fact

I love to give your peanut butter as gifts and was thrilled to give a jar of Sneaky Cinnamon as a “welcome to Oregon” gift to the founder and head chef of Native Foods, a delicious vegan restaurant that just opened a location in Bridgeport Village!  

Thanks Lori for being our first Wild Wednesday feature!  

We look forward to writing about other people, like Laurie, who have made a difference in our lives in some way or another!  

Until next time!


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