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This whole week I have been looking forward to Wednesday because that means I get to feature another awesome person we have had the pleasure of getting to know!  This weeks Wild Wednesday feature is the wonderful Jenn!  

Hi Jenn!  Looks like a yummy sandwich you got there :-)

Our paths crossed about 8 months ago when Jenn, who works for Picky Bars, an awesome start up company also in Eugene, contacted us about our peanut butter!  We have so enjoyed getting to know Jenn and have discovered that we all have quite a lot in common!  I asked her to answer a few questions and here’s what she had to say…


Jennifer Hughes


I am the Director of Operations at Picky Bars, a gluten and dairy free energy bar company based here in Eugene!

Can you explain what Picky Bars is all about?

Picky Bars are freaking good-tasting rocket fuel!  The gluten and dairy-free bars are homemade with exceptional care so that they taste delicious and are healthy at the same time. Picky Bars began by three professional athletes using science and experience to create great tasting fuel for themselves.  And now?  It accidently turned into a real, growing company.  I hopped on the Picky Bar wagon early on, making bars and shipping them off to customers.  Now, I oversee our six bar makers, hire and train new employees, dabble in accounting, help create new flavors, find the best possible ingredients, and sometimes escape to the running trails right outside of our head quarters!

Besides Picky Bars, what do you enjoy doing?

In my time away from work, I am a runner, a food-lover, a traveler and more!

Since you are a Wild Squirrel Peanut Butter fan, what is your favorite flavor?

Must I choose one?!  I love the Sneaky Cinnamon on toast, Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed is a perfect swap for a cup of joe (two spoonfuls does the trick for me), Curious Cocoa-Nut spreads perfectly on french toast and Pretzel Pizazz often finds itself on top of some crunchy rice cakes!


Even though Picky Bars makes energy bars and Wild Squirrel obviously make nut butters, we have found our companies have a lot in common!  Both Wild Squirrel and Picky Bars are in similar stages as far as company growth, so it is fun to swap stories about recipe testing, ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, working with interns, applying for loans, community involvement etc!  It has been fun to share stories and the “growing pains” as Jenn calls it, of having a small business.

We look forward to all of the successes that Picky Bars has in store!  For more info about this awesome company and all of the hard work that Jenn does, check out their website  www.pickybars.com.

Thanks Jenn for being our second Wild Wednesday feature!

Have a a great Wednesday everyone!


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