A Forgotten Flavor...


I can’t remember the last time I had a burger.  Growing up, my family never ate a lot of red meat, my mom primarily made chicken and turkey.  I was a meat eater until I went to college and let’s just say the dorm cafeteria “meat” ruined any and all cravings I may have had.  After freshman year, I became so accustomed to not eating meat that my vegetarian lifestyle continued up until about 5 weeks ago!

One of the reasons I continued to not eat meat, was due to my reluctance to pay for  high quality hormone free meat.  But I have come to terms with the fact that if there is anything I am willing to spend money on, it’s my health.  So I decided it was time that I branch out and experiment with the world of meat…one I have been avoiding for too long!

The approach I have to my body and overall health is pretty simple.  I try to put the healthiest, purest forms of food into my body, free of toxic chemicals, added hormones and GMOs.  With that being said, this philosophy is now being carried over into my meat consumption.

Handmade elk burgers alongside leafy kale 

My neighbor who also is very careful and aware of where her meat comes from, was extremely generous and gave me a pound of elk meat that she got from her friend who sustainably raises grass fed cattle and also hunts elk.  With this meat, I made elk burgers that had carmelized onions and mushrooms, garlic, parsley and a few other spices incorporated.  And WOW where they delicious! I would argue that these were the best burgers I’ve ever eaten!  Granted I haven’t tasted a burger in years and had forgotten the flavor completely, but I think another reason it was so delicious was because of the incredibly fresh and lean meat I used.  

I had just bought several bunches of fresh cilantro, and in my opinion a meal isn’t complete without some yummy sauce or condiment.   That being said, I decided to whip up some lemony cilantro pesto to top the burger.  What a tasty meal!

Arugula, burger, pesto, avocado, cracked pepper!

I hope you all have been enjoying some delicious healthy recipes too!

That’s all for now :)


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