Looking Forward


As Keeley mentioned in her last blog post…we are moving!  I have a strange relationship with moving.  Growing up, my family never moved!  Besides the first year of my life, I lived in the same house, same neighborhood and the same city for the entirety of my childhood.  Because of that, I couldn’t leave my front door without seeing someone I knew.  I have memories of running all over my neighborhood with my sister and other neighbor kids, playing tag, having lemonade stands and eating freshly made cookies at my neighbor Chris’s house.  Needles to say, my neighborhood and the people in it were very familiar to me and it felt weird to finally be moving on from that part of my life.

Going to college was my first real move.  I remember how nervous/excited I was as I packed up my room that I had lived in for so many years.  I felt like the chapter of my childhood was coming to an end.  This feeling soon went away the second I arrived in my new home and greeted my new roommate :).

Dorm move in day!  Fall 2009.

I look back at this picture and have to laugh. That dorm room was the beginning of it all!  Little did we know at this time how inseparable we would become and how interesting the next few years of our lives would be!  Who would’ve thought that our dorm reputation of the girls who ate a lot of all natural peanut butter, would turn into the girls who made a lot of all natural peanut butter ;)

After the dorms, we moved into our wonderful, cozy apartment where we have lived for almost 2 years.  It’s weird to be moving for a couple of reasons.  This apartment has so much of me in it.  It’s the first place I lived, outside of the dorms, where I felt like a “grown up.”  It was the home that Keeley and I really made into our own and shared so many memories with our college friends.

One of our many dinner parties that we had in our apartment

This move is also weird because not only are we moving out of our apartment, but we are also officially moving out of Eugene.  If you would’ve talked to me a year ago, I  would’ve said, “I love Eugene, I never want to leave!”  Now, although I still love this city, I am in such a different place.  The Erika that loved Eugene was the normal college student going to class, practice, club meetings and hanging out with friends on weekends.  It’s taken me a while to accept it, but that’s just not my life anymore.  Now I am making phone calls, going to networking meetings, shopping for the best ingredient price and coordinating samplings and store deliveries.  Doing these things in Eugene is hard because when I am here, my college self and my Wild Squirrel “business self” are competing for first place, it’s like a tug of war between my current and former self.  That’s why I am now embracing this move whole heartedly!  It signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of an incredibly unpredictable new one :)

 Trading our Birkenstocks for something more classy ;)

Tonight is the last night in our apartment!  I am ready to get out, but I am leaving with very positive feelings.  I have loved living here in this great city where I have made lifelong friends and memories.  But the thought of starting fresh and living in a new city where I can once again develop a community, instead of living like a vagabond between Eugene and Tualatin, is completely exhilarating!  


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