Luscious, Decadent, Delightful... Cookies!


Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday. I’m having a great day, and it’s all because of one thing… chocolate.

So, I mentioned before that I have a new favorite food blog:  My New Roots — written by the awesome lifestyle, food and health guru Sarah B. Well, my budding interest in this blog has officially transformed into a strong passion, bordering on obsession. And it’s all because of these scrumptious cookies!

Best. Cookies. Ever. 

Erika and I love to bake, but we only do so on rare occasion. The reasons for this being:

1) Erika is gluten intolerant, and so baking becomes.. challenging. Gluten free flours are often difficult to work with and expensive. 

2) We like to eat as healthfully as possible, and most things baked are pretty indulgent. So, we tend to save delicious baked goods recipes for birthdays and holidays, when there are lots of other people around to share our decadent treats with (so we don’t end up having leftover dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day).

BUT when we saw the recipe for these cookies — packed with delicious (and nutritious) things like black beans, coconut oil, cocoa powder, raw honey and flax — we decided it was about time to bake ourselves a treat.

Black beans + raw unsweetened cocoa powder + coconut oil = moist chocolatey deliciousness.

Raw blackberry honey (bought from a farmers market last summer — I just found it and I was ridiculously excited. No one has ever been so excited to find honey before, probably ever).

Add some flax + vanilla and there’s your wet ingredients. We then stirred in chunks of very dark chocolate and chopped dried cherries.

Sprinkle in some cayenne pepper for warmth, and sea salt on top for a salty contrast. 

Lick the spoon while you wait for the cookies to bake. Definitely lick the spoon — most fudgy, delicious (and egg free!) batter you will ever eat.

When the cookies have cooled, try a bite… do a happy dance. Repeat.

Yum. There is certainly something to be said about the powers of chocolate.



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