The Highlight of the Day!


Natural Food Expo West is officially over and phew what an experience it was!  Being the foodie that I am, it’s hard to believe that I didn’t know these natural food trade shows existed before.  I told Keeley that no matter what, we must come back every year from now on whether to exhibit or just as a guest.  If I could sum up the event in one word, I would say…exhilarating!  It’s basically a convention center full of every single food company I have been interested in and all of the people “behind the scenes” that make the magic happen.  Thousands of foodies from all over the country in one building…my dream come true!  We got to meet CEO’s, company founders, buyers, distributors…you name it!  It was an incredibly eye opening experience.

One of the people we met that made the biggest impact on Keeley and I this weekend was named Sarabeth.   

Sarabeth visiting our booth!

This lovely lady has quite the reputation in the culinary world.  She is an award winning jam maker, a renowned pastry chief and restaurateur based in New York.  We first discovered Sarabeth on a podcast from NPR.  On one of our many drives from Portland to Eugene, we listened to her relive her inspiring success story that all started from her love of orange-apricot marmalade.  Usually I lose interest while listening to podcasts, but there was something about the tone of her voice and her detailed story telling that kept me on the edge of my seat.  Her story, and voice, have stuck with me since then, so you can only imagine my excitement yesterday as I was standing in our booth and heard that very same distinctive voice talking with someone in the next booth.  I stopped what I doing and looked up to see her name tag read…Sarabeth!

I could hardly contain my excitement and immediately flagged her down so she would come over to our booth!  After many minutes of conversation that included us explaining how we knew who she was and more about Wild Squirrel, a bond was immediately formed :)

Throughout the rest of the show, we visited her booth and she came back to ours where we conducted a trade…her famous marmalade, that left my mouth watering after she described it, for a few jars of our almond and peanut butter!

A picture of her beautifully displayed marmalades and granola!

Sarabeth was nice enough to sit down with us and talk all about her experiences in the food industry.  She gave us lots of advice and tips throughout our conversation and as you can see in this picture, we were very attentive ;)

It was incredible to have the chance to make a connection with Sarabeth.  As a person who has been in the industry for a long time and knows what she is talking about, we felt quite honored to receive just great compliments from her, very inspiring!  She has a beautiful website and blog where she writes in detail about her bakery, restaurants and recipes.  She said she may even write a blog post about us!

Thanks Sarabeth for your inspiring words!  We can’t wait until the next time we met, hopefully it will be in our of your amazing New York restaurants or bakery!

That’s all for now!  We have so enjoyed our long weekend in Anaheim, back to Oregon in the morning!


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