The Squirrels at Expo West


Where in the world are the squirrels now? We are at Expo West — in Anaheim, California! 

Natural Products Expo West is a HUGE tradeshow for natural foods, health and beauty and supplement products, full of awesome companies! Basically, it’s a huge convention center full of free samples of every amazing food product Erika and I have ever wanted to try — our greatest dream come true!

Not only did we get to attend this magical dreamland, but we also had a Wild Squirrel booth!

Lots of delicious samples for passer-bys to try :)

We had so much fun giving out peanut butter and our new almond butters to buyers, bloggers, distributers, fellow company owners — you name it, the entire food industry was there!

When we weren’t at our booth meeting, greeting and sampling, we were out on the floor trying to sneak as many samples as possible!

Me with a little cup of Yogi tea… delicious! Check out how big some of these booths are… complete with huge screens, couches to sit on while sampling, the works! Erika and I could have spent hours just strolling through the aisles, but we had to make do with quick ten minute breaks to power walk through the convention center and see as much as possible before heading back to the Wild Squirrel booth!

Nancy’s yogurt and Brad’s Kale Chips… just a few of the many, many brands that we had tastes of :) No meals required today just lots and lots of snacks!

Finally, one of the most exciting moments of the show today:


One of our “nut butter idols” since we started the company, Justin founded Justin’s Nut Butters, based in Boulder, Colorado. We headed up to the booth to say hello and try his delicious new products — including peanut butter cups and yummy candy bars! He’s awesome and we were so glad we finally got to meet him!

It’s been a superb day… and our feet are tired from all the standing and walking! We are now listening to the sound of fireworks from our room in the Disneyland Hotel.

Goodnight everyone!

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