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Hello and happy Wednesday!  Is it just me or did this past week just FLY by!  I am sitting here at my computer wondering not only where the week went but the day as well.  Although I get up fairly early, around 7:30 on most mornings, there just never seems to be enough time in the day!

On another note, I am here to share another very special Wild Wednesday feature with you all!  The person I am writing about has been a part of my life ever since I can remember.  Her house, which is down the street from mine, was what I thought of as my second home growing up.  She used to run a childcare out of her house and that is where some of my fondest childhood memories were created.  

Chris, is this weeks feature :)

Chris photographed on the beach right outside of her beautiful beach house!

I started going to Chris’s house around the age of 2 right after my family moved into our neighborhood.  From that time until about 10 years old I was at her house 3-5 days a week.  Now most people associate childcare with crying, noisy children running all over the place with little to no supervision or structure.  This however, was nothing like my experience.  If there was a “best childcare provider” award she would win first place, no doubt about it.  She created an environment in her home that was the perfect balance of fun and structure.  Her house is where I first learned to read at the ripe old age of 4 :).  It’s also where I ran around with my 2 best buds pretending we were super heroes.  

Chris was not just our childcare provider.  She played the role of a teacher, a listener, and a second mother to all of the kids she cared for.  Chris always made sure every child, no matter what age, was engaged in a project, their homework, or a creative activity.  Her house was filled with books, toys, dress up clothes, bikes, and my two favorite things…the sandbox and the snack box ;)  

Over the past few years, I often find myself reflecting on memories and the people who have made the most impact on me in my twenty years of life.  Chris is someone who definitely fits into this category.  As I have gotten older, I realized that the woman who I probably took for granted as a child, is one of the most interesting, creative and inspiring women I have ever met.  The thing that I love most about Chris is that she is always creating and sharing with others.  Whether that be in her garden, her kitchen, within her family or the community.  She is a wealth of knowledge and experience and I try to soak it all up whenever I get the chance to see her!

With her entrepreneurial background and spirit, Chris has been a Wild Squirrel support from day one.  She graciously answered some of my questions to share with you…enjoy!


18 pt
18 pt


Tell me about your entrepreneurial background?

I think that growing up on a farm and watching self-sufficient people around me inspired me to start my home Child Care business. Since I had an education degree from OSU and a 3 year old child, it was obvious where my path was taking me.

 What are some of your favorite activities?

Walking, yoga, meditation, Qigong.

I am very involved in the Tualatin Community.  I am currently helping with 4th Grade Pioneer Days at the local Heritage Center.  I am a strong supporter of shopping local and supporting local businesses.  Another one of my main focuses is managing my family’s beach house for 13 family members.  I am committed to cleaning up every time I walk the beach, recycling, and composting.  I love helping my family and friends with their projects too!

Chris helping her daughter with her yard

You are a big traveler, where do you dream of going next?

 After all the countries I have visited and lived, Oregon and the Oregon coast always draw me back home.

What would you say is your number one passion in life?

My passion would be healthy living.  I strive to make a small piece of Earth clean and natural with Oregon native plants, a vegetable garden, my worm/compost bin, free of harmful pesticides, plastics.

What are some of your favorite ways to eat Wild Squirrel?

 Open faced sandwich: whole grain bread spread with Sneaky Cinnamon, topped with slices of apple or banana and sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Apple Smiles: slices of apples with red skin for lips, mini marshmallows for teeth, Wild Squirrel nut butter to hold it together.

(This is one of the snacks that Chris used to make us kids)

Recipes I want to try: experimenting with your nut butters in peanut butter cookies!

Chris thank you for your continued support throughout the years!  

That’s all for now!


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