Wild Wednesday!


We have taken a couple weeks off from our Wild Wednesday feature, but I am bringing it back today with a person very near and dear to my heart :)  The lovely Ms. Ariel Coleman, also known as our roommate and best friend.

Out of any other person, Ariel has been there through it all.  Since the beginning days of  Wild Squirrel, Ariel has been there helping us sample and sell at street fairs, driving us around when we were without a car, helping us make movies, take pictures and most recently, deliver to stores when we were in Fresno!  She has been by our side cheering us on every step of the way.


Ariel sportin’ her Wild Squirrel T-shirt at the U of O fall Street Fair!

Ariel is one of the coolest girls I know.  I don’t know what I would’ve done without her this past year.  She is always up for anything whether that be an adventure of some sort, a conversation, a brainstorming session, a project…you name it and Ariel is there 110%!  If you aren’t already convinced of Ariel’s “awesomeness,” you will be after reading what she has to say!

1)  What are you most passionate about? 

People. I love people. I think they are awesome and inspiring and incredible. In our world we are surrounded by amazing things, high speed internet, the molecular structure of plants, neurological imaging, poetry, Wild Squirrel PB packets ;) ! But what I find most incredible about all these things, is how they’ve been created, understood, described, articulated, and made possible by HUMANS. By all of our brains… 

2)  What’s your weirdest quirk? 

I secretly love to eat Gobstoppers.  But only when other people buy them for me, like Santa Clause. Oh and I ALWAYS wear my helmet, which you should too! Think about your brain, and your mom! How would they feel if you fell off your bike and broke your noodle, not very happy, SO WEAR YOUR HELMET! 

Ariel and her adorable sisters wearing their helmets!  What a good role model she is :)

3)  What part of the world interests you the most??

I really want to travel around the U.S, I think it’s easy for us ideological west coast liberal hipsters, to look at America and say “I want to get out, I want to move to Europe”. But I think this country has so much to offer, and there is so much to learn about where we are from and the country that we live in. I think too often Americans write themselves off as not having culture, or heritage because we are such a young country, but New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Memphis! All these places have such a sense of culture and history, they all have stories and vibes, and are here in OUR OWN country. I would love to know every city in the U.S, because after all this is my home and I want to know it like home! 

4) Being the big music person that you, who is your current favorite band??  


5)  Switching gears here, what is your favorite Wild Squirrel flavor and favorite way to eat it?

They are all my favorite!  My favorite way to eat them is on my pancakes OF COURSE! (Although the best pancake flavor is Curious Cocoa-nut, on toast..Sneaky, and on a banana…Pretzel Pizazz!)

6) Sum up Ariel in three words.

Ariel in Three words: Like the Mermaid 

Roomie love <3


Ariel-Your energy, creativity and sense of humor are inspiring and contagious!  Thanks for always being there as a friend and as Wild Squirrel’s number one cheerleader ;)


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