Wild Squirrel in the News!


The last two weeks have been very exciting for us PR wise!  We’ve had two appearances in national magazines, an article and picture on the front page of a local newspaper, a radio interview, and we were also featured in the New Seasons ad along with our picture and story! 

The word of Wild Squirrel is spreading and we couldn’t be happier :)

Here we are in Oprah!  This is on page 183 of the May issue, on stands now!  The whole article features other women who are doing interesting things around the country…we were honored to have been selected!  

I was at a New Seasons the day it came out, and there I was, standing in line staring at our smiling faces.  That was a surreal moment to say the least!  

Hi Oprah!  Maybe we will actually get to meet her someday…

Last year Keeley entered a scholarship contest through Glamour magazine.  She ended up being selected as one of the top 10 college women in the country for her scholastic efforts and entrepreneurial endeavors with Wild Squirrel!  She recently was in NYC to accept her scholarship and is featured in this months issue of Glamour magazine, also on stands now!  Click here to read the article! 

She had a photo shoot in one of the New Seasons stores!  How glamourous does she look! 

As much as we love the national press, we always appreciate the local PR.  Having support from the area we grew up in and where Wild Squirrel all began is so very important.  This interview was fun because we were featured in the paper one year ago by the same photographer and reporter.  They couldn’t believe how far we had come in a year and we were thrilled to be able to share our successes with them both!  Here is the full article!

After selling our nut butters in New Seasons since the end of October, this week was the first week we have been on sale and also the first time being in their ad!  We have received a lot of positive feedback, people love a good sale :)

Looking forward to more PR in the next couple of months-stay tuned!


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