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These last couple weeks have been quite busy in Squirrel World!  I know that is not a good excuse…but that’s my excuse for failing to do a Wild Wednesday feature last week!  

But I’m bringing it back this week and couldn’t be more excited to write about my special “guest!”

Todays WILD WEDNESDAY featureis someone that I have great admiration and respect for.  He has been called “one of the greatest rising fashion photographers in the Portland area.”  He is composed, intelligent, and has incredible passion.  Oh and I can’t forget to mention that he is 17 years old and just so happens to my cousin.  Can you tell I love to brag about him ;)

Hi Nick!

Nick makes our nut butters look so classy ;)  

Nick has been featured on many blogs and in various publications for his work, so I was thrilled that he agreed to be on ours!  Here is what he has to say…enjoy!

-Most people reading this don’t know you or your talent, so I will get everyone up to speed!  You are an INCREDIBLE photographer…so tell us, why photography?

We sort of just found each other at the perfect time. I had never really intended on being a photographer, but when I picked up a camera I knew something was right. I love letting my imagination wander and seeing what I am able to create.  

-You are clearly passionate about the photography path you are currently pursuing, where does this passion come from?

My passion with photography all strives from capturing a moment-keeping it in time forever. Creating other worlds that only I can see. I love to find the beauty in the unusual and capture what I have in my imagination. I have always had a love and appreciation for fashion and design which really lends itself to what I love doing. 

-Even though you are only 17, do you feel confident that this is what you want to be doing for the rest of your life?

Definitely.  Almost every time I am behind the camera. It reminds me of how special my relationship with what I do is to me. At this point I can’t really imagine doing anything else, its what I love and I never want to look back. 

-What are the best/hardest things about photography?

The best thing is getting to make a living off of what you love doing and not being chained down to a desk. The idea that I can travel the world and get to do my work wherever is such an exciting feeling. The hardest might be learning to stay driven and motivated even when you aren’t feeling it. Taking photos for me has become somewhat of a ritual. Like having a best friend you can always count on no matter what the consequences. 

Nick’s work was featured in the May issue of Portland Monthly.  Read the full article here.

-Can you define your style, whether that applies to general life, fashion, photography etc.?

Technically speaking I am a Fashion and Portraiture photographer. But for my style, I like to think of it as creating my own magical world. I tend to think of my photos as an extension of myself and how I am feeling at the moment. That is mostly for my more personal work.  My overall style I would say is clean, warm, expressive and dreamy. I try to always have a magical or interesting element to all of my photos.

-We are both in similar situations…young people who are “defying the norm” in a sense.  We have both chosen a non-traditional path and are not currently pursuing a formalized higher education.  A lot of people tell me, you need to be in school and I get so tired of that.  I know people have told you the same thing, do you ever feel like you will pursue a college degree later on in life?

Not at all. I think the social standard that college is the necessary next step for every person after high school is highly incorrect. If I was not pursuing my career then I could understand the dilemma, but going head first into what I love seems to be the only path I can see myself taking. I feel as if life experience is much more valuable in the terms of what you and I are doing. Now if I were to become a lawyer then yes, I think higher education would be very necessary. In the creative world it isn’t necessarily about the formal training you have had, it’s about what you can do, and what you have done. I do want to take classes on business to sharpen my knowledge on the business side of the job, but education will always be there if you decide you need it. 

-Another similarity we share is that we are always busy!  Whenever I talk to you you always have some cool, new project you are working on our some event that you are planning for.  With your hectic schedule, what is one thing you do for yourself everyday?

I give myself some form of down time everyday. I am the type of person who really needs time to myself, to recharge my metaphorical battery. It keeps me sane and happy, so I find time everyday to just relax and forget about everything I have going on.

-Since Wild Squirrel began, many people have asked me this question and I find it so hard to answer… but I’m interested in seeing what you have to say.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well I am headed to NYC in the fall to start working and assisting/interning. I hope to have scored an incredible assistant job where I can develop invaluable skills and connections. Beyond that, I hope to be shooting for large magazines, working with companies/designers, and being able to see my work on a very large scale. I want someone to be able to pick my photo out of a magazine and recognize it as my work.  My goal with photography is ultimately to travel, photograph what I love and of things that I really care about.

Some of his photos that I love…

Not only is he good behind the camera, but he is also beautiful in front of the camera!

-So….back to peanut butter :)  What is your favorite flavor and favorite way to eat it?

I love the Honey Pretzel!  It is such a genius combination of yummy things. I make the craziest sandwiches with chocolate chips, peanut butter, Oreo’s, jam…the list goes on and on and the Honey Pretzel is the perfect addition to my sweet concoctions.

If you want to check out more of Nick’s work, here is his site!

Nick, I just want to say that you are amazingly talented and I cannot tell you how proud I am of everything you have already accomplished!  You are such an inspiration and I cannot wait to watch you go and conquer the world of photography :)

That’s all for now, have a great week everyone!  


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