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Hello hello!  I find myself writing this post on what has turned out to be a very sunny afternoon here in the Portland area!

Although I am always excited about our Wild Wednesday feature, this week is especially exciting because I am featuring not only one, but two amazing Squirrel supporters :)

The coolest part about these two individuals…they just so happen to be the cutest mom and daughter duo ;)

This weeks extra special Wild Wednesday features are Kathy and Bella!

Mrs.Hollamon and daughter Bella representing Wild Squirrel at local auction!

Kathy, or who I known as Mrs.Hollamon, taught both Keeley and I when we were students at Tualatin High School!  Because health and nutrition have always been something I have been interested in, I have fond memories of going to her class and actually being excited to learn.  As opposed to dreading my other classes such as physics for example, not exactly my strongest subject…

After graduation, I lost contact with Mrs.Hollamon, but once Wild Squirrel began, that all changed.  Believe me when I say that she has been one of our biggest supporters since day 1.  I remember “way back when,”  as we were just launching into stores, my mom, who also works at the high school, would call me to tell me how enthusiastic and supportive Mrs.Hollamon was of our entrepreneurial endeavors!  We are lucky to have many people behind the the “nut butter revolution,” but unlike others, Mrs.Hollamon doesn’t only support us with her words, rather she shows her support through her actions.  For example, she has been one of our most consistent orderers, placing an order for 8 jars of Sneaky Cinnamon to give away to her Thanksgiving guests!  How cool is that?!  Also, when Keeley and I were out of town, she took it upon herself to coordinate a sampling table complete with a hand painted squirrel poster, hand out cards, our rap video etc. at the local high school auction.  She is constantly sharing our story and products, not because she has to, but because she wants to.  It’s people like her who make Wild Squirrel a success.


-Clearly you are a huge supporter of Wild Squirrel, as simple as this sounds…why?

*I get to work with some amazing kids at TuHS, and I love to hear stories of them becoming successful. I also happen to love peanut butter, so why WOULDN’T I support Wild Squirrel Nut Butters?

*Bella also loves peanut butter, so she is my sidekick. :)

-Tell me a little more about your love of peanut butter!

*It has been probably 10 years or more since we started eating Adams natural peanut butter.  We made the switch to all-natural after hearing that some peanut butter companies, like Jif, put ground up plastic in their peanut butter. Gross!  I have always eaten fairly healthy, but from then on I started being more conscious of what we ate.  When I first tried the Sneaky Cinnamon, I loved it! Recently, I had the opportunity to help with tasting at the auction and I tasted the Pretzel Pizazz on pretzels, which was delicious, and the Cocoa-Nut with graham crackers, which was also fantastic. 

Sneaky Cinnamon…her favorite!

*Bella just simply loves peanut butter and likes all the Wild Squirrel flavors!  She also is a big fan of the new label design.


-What’s your favorite food? 

*Believe it or not, peanut butter. I remember growing up and PB&J was my favorite sandwich, and my peanut butter cookie recipe is my favorite still.

*Bella’s favorite food is cherries.

-Favorite hobby/activity/sport/thing to do with your daughter? 

*Anything, really. I love listening to her read to me, or play board games tag, working in the garden/yard, or camping/fishing as a family with my husband- she really loves it when we are all together. We love swimming together too!  

*Bella says her favorite thing to do with me is to go swimming!

-What is one thing you do everyday for yourself that makes you happy?

*I love starting the day with a work out!  We have a bike in our living room, so I will do that, or recently I started back going to the YMCA at 5:00am. It makes for a great start to the day- energizes me!

-What part of the world is most intriguing to you/where do you want to travel?

*I love Mexico. We have been to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. We have also been to Kauai, which was beautiful. Anywhere sunny and warm!

-I’m always brainstorming new ways to use our nut butters, any ideas?

I haven’t tried using any of the Wild Squirrel Nut Butter in cookies yet.  But I have a good peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip recipe that would be delicious with the Curious Cocoa-Nut or my favorite, Sneaky Cinnamon!  I also have a great enchilada recipe that I might try with the Pretzel Pizazz.

-From your life experience, what’s a valuable piece of advice you would give Keeley and I regarding Wild Squirrel?

*You guys are really onto something BIG here. My cousin lives near San Jose, CA and she heard about Wild Squirrel online, ordered some and loved it! I didn’t even know she knew about you ladies until I posted on Facebook the link to Wild Squirrel last fall.  She replied and told me she already knew about you! I was like, “Wow! This is going to go BIG!” I am so excited for you gals. Here’s the advice: keep your lives in balance. Yes, grow your business; yes, enjoy the ride to success knowing that it all started on a “rainy, cold Sunday”. Document all of the steps along the way; it might make a great book someday. Always make time for family; I know they have helped guide you along the way. They will always be your biggest fans! There is no greater job than getting to do something you love every day, and getting paid for it…eventually ;) 

Thank you to both Mrs.Hollamon (and Bella!) for the kind words and support you have shown us throughout this past year!  

And that concludes another Wild Wednesday!  

Who will we feature next?!  


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