A Celebratory Evening!


What an incredible weekend of weather we had here in Portland!  It couldn’t have come at a better time to celebrate our episode of Shark Tank airing!  Keeley and I are still somewhat in shock that we have now been seen representing Wild Squirrel by millions of people on national television…crazy!!

In order to properly celebrate the big debut on Friday night, we had a Shark Tank viewing party with a group of our biggest supporters!  It was so fun to share the evening with people who have helped us grow to where we are today.

A little far away…but here is the group shot of our supporters who watched the show with us Friday! 

One of the strangest parts about Friday was reliving the whole Shark Tank experience.  So much has happened since September that it was almost hard to remember 8 months back!  But when I did start to think about the whole experience, many emotions and memories came flooding back to me!  We spent an incredible amount of time last summer preparing (and stressing) about that show!  I remember sitting at my kitchen table watching episode after episode on Hulu.  I would write down all of the questions the Sharks asked each of the entrepreneurs and then rehearse my own answers.  I spent hours thinking about that fateful moment when it would finally be our turn.   We would be the two youngest women to ever present their company to the Sharks.  I could hardly stand thinking about that fateful moment when we would finally get our turn to walk down that dramatic hallway and stand there facing those famous faces.  This past Friday, we FINALLY got to share the experience with everyone who we’ve had to keep it a secret from!

Before we sat down and watched, we let out some of our excitement during an interview by the local KATU news station!

“We’re SO excited!”

Finally after months and months of waiting we took our seat and watched our 7 minutes of fame!  As I said before, it was just too weird to see us on screen!  We had never seen the clip so it was new for everyone!  There were many laughs and screeches coming from the audience…mainly from me ;)

Some of our best friends were there to show their support!  

And of course our wonderful families!

Even though we were SO happy to finally watch the episode, it almost was a let down.  After all of that time waiting it was all over in 7 minutes!  BUT, that feeling of letdown didn’t stick around for too long.  We now are very occupied filling all of the online order we have received since the show aired!!


That’s all for now :)


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