Girl Time in Portland


Now that Erika and I have been living in Portland for a couple weeks, we are beginning to explore our area. During the long weekend we had some fun visits from some of our favorite ladies — my sister and our moms!

McKinna, my 17 year old sister, has the coolest taste in fashion, art, music and food. She loves trying new flavors of ice cream, so we headed down Mississippi Ave for a bite at Ruby Jewel, one of the most adorable ice cream places I have ever been! 

Kinna got a Lavender Lemon Ice Cream Float with Boysenberry Soda (probably the coolest thing on the menu… told you she has good taste!)

I couldn’t decide, so I went with a swirled scoop of two flavors — Caramel with Salted Dark Chocolate and Singing Dog Vanilla Toffee. Both were incredibly fresh and delicious! After you’ve had freshly made ice cream, it’s hard to go back to storebought. Guess that means we’ll have to return to Ruby Jewel sometime soon… 

As if that wasn’t a treat enough, the next morning, our moms came to visit! They are both teachers, so they were loving their three day weekends :) We headed down to a cute coffee shop only a few blocks from our house, Coffee House Five, to sip hot drinks and chat.

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend with our families and friends! Hope you all had a good one too.

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