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Hello Everyone! It’s Wednesday. Erika is probably posting a Wild Wednesday later today, so it will most likely be a double blog post day! This is unprecedented… hope you readers out there can recover from all the excitement!

Her post will likely be a bit more eloquent than mine — I’m just popping in to share a few things that have been making life awesome this week:

1) City life. It feels great to live so close to everything! We had a meeting at a coffee shop downtown, and all we had to do was walk out the door and stroll a few blocks! A great alternative to the normal 30 minute drive from the suburbs.

2) Let My People Go Surfing, by the always eccentric Patagonia founded Yvon Choinard. I have this one lined up to read next, but might have to read something more fluffy in between to give my mind a break from the pending environmental doom.

3) New running routes! For the past four months I’ve been running in suburbia (literally the same routes I ran for 4 years of high school cross country… so they are getting a bit old) and it’s been great having a whole new neighborhood to explore.

4) My BIG bed! I’ve been a twin bed sleeper at the parent’s house, and I finally got my big comfy bed out of storage for the new house. Divine comfort!

5) Yummy food — we’ve made our own nut milk, delicious pestos, sauces, and asian meatballs, among other things! So much good cooking to be had in the new kitchen.

Now it’s a cloudy day and I’m getting some work done on the website and doing financials! Oh boy! Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone :)

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