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Wow, two blog posts in one day…as Keeley hinted, that’s one for the record book!  

One of the many great things about Wild Squirrel, is that is has allowed me to reconnect with people in my life who I have lost contact with.  From old teachers, family members, friends and old neighbors, there are so many people who I might have never talked to again if it wasn’t for…peanut butter!  

Our Wild Wednesday feature today is no exception!  Mike is an old neighbor of my family’s and has known me since I was born.  Over the years we’ve lost contact, but when Keeley and I started Wild Squirrel he was instantly one of our biggest fans!

Mike sporting his new Wild Squirrel t-shirt and a jar of Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter!

1) Where do you live and what makes living there so great?

I live with my wife Claire and son Pasha in a small city named Escondido, which is just north of San Diego. The best thing about living there is the weather. We have a typical Mediterranean climate of warm summers and cool winters, which is perfect for growing a garden.

2) Explain what your work is?

I work in regulatory affairs and quality in the medical devices industry.  Essentially, I am responsible for navigating the pathway to approval of my company’s products by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as in the international markets such as Europe. This means that I am in meetings most of the day, or sitting at a desk preparing for meetings.

3) When you are at work, what would you rather be doing?  What are your passions, hobbies, interests?!

I would rather be outdoors. We have half an acre which we are putting to use growing vegetables and fruit trees as a way to live more sustainably. So working in the yard is an enjoyable way to relieve stress.

Bird watching has been a passion of mine since I took the Field Ornithology course at the University of Oregon in 1987. I don’t get out on birding trips much anymore, but we have nest boxes placed around the yard and have had Barn Owls nesting 2 years in a row, as well as House Wrens and Bushtits. We’re not far from the ocean, so we enjoy playing with our son Pasha on the beach. Any time I am out hiking is a simple pleasure.

Mike doing what he loves most!  Enjoying the outdoors and bird watching with his trusty helper :)

4) Which sports are your favorite?  Do you compete or follow any sports diligently?

Ha! I used to be a runner, but I have not competed since the Jingle Bell Run 8K in Eugene in 1988. I have fond memories of running with your Dad around Mt. Tabor Reservoir in Portland.

Check out this speedster! 

Age and overuse injuries have made me a spectator, so I follow the sport religiously on websites like Flotrack and Lets Run.  I’m also a fan of soccer, particularly the English Premier League. And, my beloved Baltimore Orioles are currently atop the AL East. I’m hopeful, but not delusional.

5) Who/what inspires you?

My family. After a career in sales, my wife is following her passion and studying to be a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has already completed a certificate in Massage Therapy. Pasha is 10 and growing fast, testing out new things, and it is fun to watch him develop. And after graduating from Portland State, my daughter took off for Spain and is testing herself in a different culture while she works as a nanny to 2 young children. What you and Keeley have done with Wild Squirrel is inspiring to me. I know from the experience of starting my own consulting business how difficult it can be follow your dream and make it happen. 

6) What has been the best vacation/outdoor adventure you’ve experienced?  

My wife’s family lives in France, so we try to go every couple of years. The best vacation I ever had was the 3 weeks we spent in Paris, Burgundy and Provence. We spent a week in a place named Pralognan la Vanoise in the French Alps and had an amazing time hiking and enjoying the local wine and produce. It is my favorite place in France.

7) Finally, what is your favorite flavor of Wild Squirrel and favorite way to eat it?

Right now, it is Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed, either on apple slices or a rice cake. Just the name will get you going and the combination of chocolate and espresso is killer.

(We’ll have to convert you to our new Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter!)

Thanks for all of your support throughout this past year Mike!  


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