A Week of Celebrations



What a week it has been!  It seems like the beginning of summer is always full of events and celebrations, and that definitely held true this past week!  Tuesday the 19th was a day that has been highly anticipated by my family for months…27 months to be exact.  It was the day that my older sister Andrea returned from her 2+ year service in the Peace Corps!


                                                 Home sweet home!

Part of me feels like she’s been gone for an eternity!  But the other part of me feels like it was just yesterday that we were saying our teary goodbye.  Either way, I am SO glad to have my sister who I love and admire so much back in my life.  We have always been very close, so having her gone during a time when my life was in major transition: high school to college, then college to full time business woman ;) has been tough. But now she is home safe and sound and that’s all that matters!


         My Dad was all about the “Welcome Home Andrea” signs if you couldn’t tell :)

After staying up late on Tuesday and hearing about my sister’s last week in her Costa Rican community (more on that later) we all went to bed and woke up for another special day…my birthday!  It wasn’t just any ol’ birthday either…it just happened to be my 21st!  

I am very regularly on a schedule, so all I wanted for my birthday was to hang out in the sun on the deck with my fam and my pup, and that’s exactly what I did!  My sister coming home the day before was the best gift I could’ve asked for!



After a relaxing day on the deck, I was so excited for the evening meal!  I’ve had my eye on a restaurant in Portland that has gained incredible popularity and national recognition called Pok Pok!  So the whole fam and some friends joined us for a great meal of thai inspired chicken wings, cornish game hen, sticky rice and beef soup!  Not only was the food absolutely delicious, but so were the drinks!  My first official drink…a mojito!


                                               Drinks with the fam!

It was fun to not only celebrate my birthday, but also my sister’s homecoming!  The four of us are reunited at last!

Another reason it has been so fun to have my sister home, is so she can experience first hand everything that is happening in “Squirrel World”!  It was hard to fill her in over the phone, especially since things move so fast around here!  Our weekly conversations are now replaced with daily ones :-)  And she even helped with with some demos this week!


                                                Sampling dream team! 

Speaking of demos…we had such an exciting demo day on Saturday!  We got to sample at our LOCAL Haggen!  It is so nice to finally be selling our nut butters at the Tualatin Haggen where I have spent so much time over the years.  One of the perks of selling in your local grocery store…I knew every other person that walked in!  Second perk…they set up the coolest display!  Fake trees, wooden tables, and of course…squirrels!



                                        Mom, Sister, Keeley and I!

I hope the beginning of summer has been just as fun filled for all of you!

Until next time,


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