Guess Who's 21 Today?


So get this: my best friend/business partner/roommate’s birthday is today. Not just any old birthday either — its the final foray into adulthood, the most anticipated birthday of all —  the big 21

And… I’m out of town. I know, I know, bad friend award. To my credit, I am out of town on business, but I hate missing her birthday nonetheless! So here are a few reasons why I consider myself endlessly lucky to work with, live, and generally share a life with Erika!

She’s up for anything.

We had no clue what we were getting into when we whipped up that first batch of peanut butter, but ever since it has been non-stop craziness. Our lives have changed so rapidly, and she’s been incredible at just going with the flow. I don’t how we’ve been able to maintain our strong friendship through it all, but I am so grateful for Erika’s easygoing nature and indomitable spirit! When I am feeling low, she has always talked me through it and kept me going :) 

She loves food as much as I do. 

Here we are in our oasis — a farmer’s market — with some bomb-looking beets. YUM.

She is incredibly compassionate. 

Erika just loves to help other people. From cooking for her friends to throwing incredible birthday parties, to volunteering locally, she is always inspiring me with her strong morals and sense of philanthropy. (Also, she loves cool hats.)

She wouldn’t be caught dead at a Harry Potter premiere without a costume. 

Nuf said. 

She faces her fears. 

Erika is a social butterfly. She loves to chat with people and learn more about them. It’s not unusual for her to strike up a long conversation in the grocery store. However, public presentations in front of large groups? Not her favorite thing. Since we began Wild Squirrel, she has had to face her fears and make many of these types of speeches and presentations. And you know what? She’s done great every single time. I admire her ability to face (and conquer) her fears!

She rocks the visor/fanny-pack combo.

Erika, thanks for helping me “navigate” through this crazy life we are living! You are the best friend I could ever ask for. Enjoy your day!

Love, Keeley

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