Summertime in the City


We’ve been having wonderful, warm, breezy weather here in Portland. Summer has finally arrived. We are so lucky to have a beautiful backyard at our new house — perfect for gardening, eating, lounging and hanging out :)

Erika has been working on our garden diligently, planting lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, and lots of other treats. While she gardens… I read my book and lay in the sun! 

(Obviously some of us are more hardworking than others once the warm weather hits…) 

Speaking of hardworking, check out these bees! Pollinating away. (Can’t wait to have fresh blackberries in the coming months.) Having a garden is so soothing. Even though we’ve only been able to harvest fresh herbs so far, its awesome to look out my window in the morning and see beautiful weather and our beautiful green garden!

As the weather has improved, we’ve also been spending more and more time eating outdoors! We are inside much of the day doing work on our computers and on the phone, so by the time we are done cooking dinner we are ready to breathe in some nice fresh air!

For my little sister’s birthday we made two delicious summer salads — quinoa + butternut squash and marinated giganda bean — and roasted cauliflower. 


Something about being outdoors (and good company) makes food taste so much better.

Hope all of you are having a good first week of summer too :)


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