A Montana Getaway!


Last weekend my family and I took a trip to beautiful Montana for a wedding!  My sister’s long time friend Katelyn, who I consider a second older sister, was getting married!  So we decided to make a long weekend out of it and spend some time in the “Treasure State.”

I love when I get the opportunity to travel to a new state!  There are so many places I want to travel internationally, but it is a goal of mine to visit all 50 states, because I think there is so much to be discovered here in the U.S.  So now I can check Montana and Wyoming off the list!

Beautiful waterfall in Yellowstone!

The wedding was outside a town called Gardiner, which just happens to be one of entrances to Yellowstone!  So I got the opportunity to explore some of this incredible national park with the fam.  We went into the park 2 different days and got to see a variety of landmarks that the park has to offer!  We saw Old Faithful, walked around the other hot springs nearby, hiked to some waterfalls and down to the Yellowstone River, and we got to see a wolf, buffalo, lots of elk, and for a brief moment I saw the back of a mama bear and her cub!  After talking to some local Montanans, it is apparently very rare to see a bear while driving through the park, so we were lucky!

The parents and I.  Yellowstone River behind us!

This buffalo was taking a casual stroll on the main road… he/she stopped traffic for over a mile! 

Good Ol’ Faithful

It’s pretty incredible how they can predict within 20 minutes of when it will erupt!

Smaller hot springs that smelled SO strongly of sulfur!

After spending some time in the park and also rafting on the Yellowstone River, we all got ready for the big event of the weekend…the wedding!

The wedding was set in between 2 log cabins, where we stayed, and behind us was a beautiful view of the mountains and Yellowstone River!  It was so picturesque!

For being in the middle of no where, there were quite a lot of people, about 120, who came from all over Montana, Oregon and the East Coast!

The great thing about this wedding was that the reception was right next to the ceremony.  We all just picked up our chairs and migrated under this amazing tent to celebrate the newlyweds!  I felt like I was in a Sunset Magazine photo shoot!  The theme was “country chic.”  The bride Katelyn, did so much planning for this special day, and it turned out perfectly!  From hand filled honey jars that were given away as party favors, to a jukebox where guests selected music, individual cakes for the tables and beautiful sunflower arrangements, there was a personal touch on every detail of her wedding! 

My sister and the bride!

Family!  My sister was one of the bridesmaids, hence the bouquet! 

One of the most memorable parts of the whole wedding was after the ceremony when the bride and groom got into a raft, that was decorated for the occasion, and floated  down the river!  They have both been river guides in Missoula, so it was very fitting.

How cool is that?!

I unexpectedly did not have service the whole time, so all e-mails and calls were put on hold for the weekend!  What a treat that was ;-)  I think we all should take the time to “unplug” for a couple days, does the mind and body good!  

We all agreed that it was a very relaxing yet memorable trip filled with friends, lots of dancing, great food and outdoor adventuring!  A perfect summer time getaway. 

Congrats to the happy couple Katelyn and Jim, wish you both the best :-)

That’s all for now!


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