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It is Wednesday…already!  My how time flies!  But the good thing about it being Wednesday again, is that I get to share another inspiring, creative and just down right awesome person.

This week’s Wild Wednesday feature is Tim!

I have had the opportunity of getting to know Tim through my cousin Nick who has also been a Wild Wednesday feature!  They are both extremely accomplished and driven artists and I find it refreshing to hear about other young people who are going after their dreams!  

I hope you enjoy learning more about Mr. Tim Nguyen!

1) Where do you go to school, what year are you and what major are you pursuing?

I’m a Junior at Otis College of Art and Design and currently majoring in Fashion Design. 

2)  When did your love of fashion begin?

My interest in fashion has been ever-present through the editorials of Vogue and other fashion magazines. But something really clicked my sophomore year of high school. My art teacher started an after school fashion club, which eventually turned into a class. Soon I found myself sketching up dresses, sitting at a sewing machine, and asking friends to be models for the school fashion show. The energy, work, and excitement that goes into fashion made me crave more and more. This is why I decided to major in fashion design over illustration, I feel there was still so much more for me to learn, and I saw myself really making a career out of fashion design. 

3) Where does your creativity come from?

My creativity for my work usually comes drawing inspiration through classic artists like Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele to fuel my thought process, and also looking at works both past and present from my favorite designers like Dior and Givenchy. I also draw a lot of inspiration from street style blogs, I love looking at how real people dress, and incorporating personality into their clothes. But the best way to get my brain flowing is usually just sketching endlessly until I have something I can develop further. 

4) What is the best part about fashion design?  The most challenging? 

The best and hardest part about fashion design is that it is always changing. I’m not even talking about major trends or color stories, but even within the process of creating a collection or one garment, the number of variables that change are always constant. From finding the right fabric, down to the details of trims and embellishments. All of these changes that occur make fashion design both frustrating and incredibly exciting. Ultimately, the hardest part is seeing if your garment turned out right, and if it does, seeing a finished garment the way you imagined is definitely the best feeling. 

5) What has been the mot rewarding moment so far in your schooling/fashion career? 

I’ve actually had a few rewarding moments. This year my garment was chosen as the best design for my mentor project with Nike, and I won the Thimble Award. It was such an honor to be recognized by the designers at Nike. Another accomplishment is having Miss Black USA 2010-2011, Osas Ighodaro, wear my dress to a red carpet event at the UNCF: An Evening of Stars. Also recently, my dress can be seen on the cover of Xquisit Magazine and is the opening editorial. It feels great to get a taste of victory here and there.

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in New York! Or if not I’m sure I’ll make Los Angeles my home for the time being. But I’m sure by then I’ll be an assistant designer to a well known company, and while all that is going on still have time to work on a few personal projects, or hopefully have a respected number of clients I can work with. 

7) When you are not in school, what do you spend your free time doing?

I spend a lot of my free time drawing and I’ll paint when I can. I’ve discovered majoring in fashion design can drain a lot of the creative juices, but it’s easy to get things going again if I start sketching freely. Drawing has always been my number ones passion, and now I use it as an escape. But a good escape from everything usually involves going out to eat (I’m definitely a foodie!) or just hanging out with some cool people. 

8) Favorite food/meal? Do you like to cook?

My favorite meal would have to be anything of my Mom’s cooking! There’s this dish she makes called Banh Xeo, or Vietnamese crepes. They’re so delicious and I could literally eat them all day. I definitely lack some flare with cooking, but often if I put my mind to it I can make something worth drooling over. One of my goals is to spend time with my Mom in the kitchen. She doesn’t have any recipes written down, so I really would like to learn from her how to cook.

9) What is your idea of happiness?

I can say my idea of happiness is to be living comfortably in a lovely apartment [or home] with a lover and a pet and for me to be juggling superstar with my career. Yes, I want to be a fashion designer, but I also have so many other ambitions I’m passionate about. I want to be recognized for my work in design, as well as my drawings and paintings. I just want to be successful, and be able to give as much as I get. I love seeing how my work can effect people, so it is in the act of sharing my happiness that makes my own happiness feel like complete bliss. 

Want to know more about Tim?  Check out his blogs/twitter!

Personal blog: http://timazing.tumblr.com/

Art/fashion blog: http://timtdesigns.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/timazing13

Thanks Tim for being this week’s W.W.!

Even though you don’t need luck…I’m going to tell you anyway ;)  Best of luck with your fashion design, I know you are going to be incredibly successful!

Until next time,


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