Keeley's European Adventure


I’ve discovered that being a self-employed entrepreneur is both a very flexible and very inflexible lifestyle. While we here at Wild Squirrel are certainly free to make our own “work hours”, we are nevertheless pretty much always working. Whether or not we are currently physically engaged in a project, we are emotionally and mentally caught up in whatever is going on with the company.

Not to mention the myriad of ways in which we are constantly interaccting with the Wild Squirrel world, whether it be Twitter, or Instragram, or Facebook, via email, text, phone, our jobs are inseparable from our lives.

Which is why by the time I ended up on vacation this summer, I really needed a nice long break. I needed to turn off my phone, get on a plane, and be a carefree 19 year old for a while.

So, I went to to Europe.

Where I ate french fries, in France.

And had gelato literally every single day, with my travel partner and wonderful friend, Lily.

Conclusion? Pistachio is the best flavor of all. Anything chocolate a close second.

We hiked through the hills of the Cinque Terre in Italy.

And read guidebooks on our many trains.

(We travelled from Paris - Lyon - Nice - Riomaggiore - Lucca - Florence - Milan… whew!)

Riomaggiore, the adorable village we stayed in, on the coast of Italy.

The trip was just what I needed — a whirlwind adventure, nothing planned past 24 hours, and no phone or computer — the opposite of my very technological, calendar-based life here. 

Even though I love my job, it’s the first time I’ve ever been engaged in anything quite so all-encompassing. I didn’t realize how much energy and stress goes into the average day of the company until it was all taken away.

I never would have gone on the trip if Lily hadn’t encouraged me to come, if my parents hadn’t helped me pay for the trip (also made possible in part by my Glamour scholarship), and if Erika hadn’t been willing and able to run the company while I was gone!

It is good to be back. I’ll admit I wasn’t ready to return (let’s be honest… there were severe gelato withdrawals) but I’ve tried to take the zen of Europe back with me.

It’s important to step back and take a break every now and then — if only for a Saturday afternoon here and there where I give myself permission to close the laptop, turn off the iPhone, and take a nice long nap.

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