East Coast Exploration

Last weekend, we took a trip to yet another natural foods tradeshow — except this time we were headed to the East Coast! I grew up on the east coast, in New York and Vermont, and Erika had never been, so we were excited to head over to the opposite side of the country!

Even though we weren’t able to leave the Baltimore Convention Center too much, we went for runs in the morning alongside the water (our hotel was right downtown). So many beautiful boats, old historical buildings, and crazy weaving cobblestone roads!


We were also eager to visit with Erika’s sister, Andrea! After returning from a 2 year term in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, Andrea moved to Washington DC. Since she is pretty much the most charismatic and enthusiastic helper we could imagine, we were delighted when she agreed to take a train to Baltimore and help us sample during the weekend!

Here we are putting together a shelf. Setting up our booth is like putting together and decorating a little 10 foot by 10 foot room. Some booths (Chobani, Cliff Bar, etc) are more like giant houses, with huge signs, tables, and various other structures. We keep it a little simpler ;-)

The sisters! They make quite the team.

We were kept busy the whole trade show with samplers, buyers, brokers, distributers, and more! We of course found time to look around at all the other booths, try all the cool foods, and meet other company founders. We met Steven Smith, of Tazo Tea, as well as the founders of Two Moms in the Raw, Runa Tea, 22 Bars, and other products we absolutely love.

Another great weekend in our crazy squirrel lives! We’re excited for our jars to start showing up on the East Coast sooner than later… stay tuned.

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