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Happy Wednesday to all! Keeley and I are currently in Reno at a trade show.  We are spreading the Wild Squirrel love to lots of store owners, grocery buyers and distributors, and we have experienced a great response so far!  As a result, we will be in more stores throughout the California, Nevada and Colorado area!  So overall, it’s been very successful!  But maybe the most exciting part of show, the complimentary massages we got…what a treat!

Today just like every other Wednesday, it is my time to share someone special with all of you!  This week, after Keeley and I were so graciously hosted by some close family friends in Nor Cal, I decided it would be fun to feature their daughter Sam, who I call my unofficial cousin ;-)  She is a sophomore in high school and a huge Wild Squirrel fan!  Hope you enjoy the interview!

1) Name, age, and grade
Sam, 15 years old, sophomore in high school

2) What is your favorite class in school?
Art class!  I love art class because it is something I feel very confident doing.  Drawing and painting are my favorite.  Right now I am working on a horror story book cover just in time for Halloween!

3) Besides going to class, what are you involved in at your school?
This is my second year as a competitive cheerleader for my school.  I cheer at both football and basketball games and I love it!  It’s so fun to be able to spend time with my friends/teammates while cheering on my school’s sports teams!

4) What is a goal you have for yourself in the next couple of years?
To get B’s or higher for the rest of high school!  I want to keep up my grades and extra curricular activities so I can attend school in Oregon…go ducks!

5) When you aren’t at school what do you like to do?
Two days a week I volunteer at the local animal shelter and I absolutely love it!  As an animal lover, getting to play, groom and care for the dogs and cats is so much fun.  I really enjoy getting to bond with them and then when visitors come to the shelter I get to introduce them to all of the animals and help them find a good match for their family!

6) You’ve done a lot of traveling in your 15 years, what’s your favorite place that you’ve had the opportunity of visiting?
I loved Australia!  The water and the butterflies were beautiful!

7)  Where do you have dreams of traveling?
Bora Bora, again because I love beautiful blue tropical water!

8) Favorite candy?
Salted caramels or chocolates are my favorite!

9) Favorite type of food?
Italian food is the best, especially from Giovanni’s in Berkeley, CA!

10) Favorite singer/songwriter?
Jordan Sparks!

11) What is your favorite flavor of Wild Squirrel?!
I am obsessed with your Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter!  I eat it everyday as an afternoon snack when I get home from cheer practice.  I love the sweet and salty combo…yuuuummm!

Thanks Sam for letting me interview you!  I am so glad you love our almond butter so much!

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