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I took a 2 week hiatus from my Wild Wednesday feature, but I am back to share with you someone I’ve recently met through a local bread company based here in Portland called Dave’s Killer Bread.  In our opinion they make the best bread.   This special feature is a professional body builder that is sponsored by DKB.  She first found our nut butters at the Dave’s Killer Bread Healthy Bread Store and since then she’s been eating our nut butters to fuel her workouts and her physically demanding lifestyle!

Hope you enjoy my interview with this week’s feature Kiana!

1) Name, profession
Kiana Phi, owner/coach Team DreamQuest, Sr. Site Manager Netflix

2) How did you get into figure modeling?
In 2008, I was discovered at the gym by my former coach, who thought I should compete in the Figure division of bodybuilding. After winning first place at my first show, I got hooked on competing.

3) What do you enjoy most about your job, what’s the most rewarding aspect?
For DreamQuest, helping athletes realize their competitive goals is the most rewarding aspect of coaching.

4) What is the most challenging part?
The most challenging part is being unable to vicariously do cardio training on behalf of my athletes when they seem too tired to do it themselves.

5) Have you always been an athlete? 
I’ve been athletic all my life, playing tennis in high school, rowing in college.

She is one strong lady!

6) When did these two (modeling and athletics) come together?
The two activities came together when I did a photo shoot before a competition. I felt natural doing it and continued modeling.


7) What is the figure pro community like in the Northwest? 
Oregon recently got 4 new IFBB Pros! I have enjoyed such warm support from athletes, fans, and show promoters in the northwest.

8) How did your Dave’s Killer Bread sponsorship begin?
Dave Dahl, founder of Dave’s Killer Bread, met me at a Max Muscle appearance and we forged a wonderful partnership promoting his AMAZING bread!

Kiana with Dave (far left) founder of Dave’s Killer Bread!

9) Where do you see your career going? Are there certain people in your profession that inspire you?
I’m inspired by the successful Figure PROs before me and my athletes, whose determination to succeed pushes me to lead by my own example.

10) Where do you seen yourself in 5 years? 
I see myself growing my team with more nationwide and regional athletes, where many will earn pro status with my help. Also hoping to be more involved in training apparel that I can promote through my personal use of the clothing.

11) What is your favorite kind of Dave’s and of Wild Squirrel?
Right now I’m loving DKB Robust Raisin with WS Cinnamon Raisin PB. 

Some of her favorite go to snacks!  We are happy that Wild Squirrel is included :-)

12) I’m a health food nut and I know you are too! Can you tell me a little about your food “philosophy” and your approach to living a healthy balanced life?
I believe in balancing clean eating with periodic indulgences. As a foodie or gourmand, I enjoy dinner out at a restaurant with great ambiance and delicious cuisine. Food serves many purposes (sustain a healthy weight, celebrate special occasions, elevate mood)  Food should be enjoyed!

13) What is your favorite meal, go to snack and favorite indulgence?
Favorite meal: scrambled egg whites/DKB Nuts ‘n Oats bread/WS Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter

Go to snack: WS Honey Pretzel PB out of jar or with sliced apples

Favorite Indulgence: Baked apple pie 

Thanks Kiana for being this week’s Wild Wednesday feature!  Best of luck with everything and thank you for being such a great Wild Squirrel supporter :-)  For more information about Kiana check out her website!

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