Wild Wednesday: McKinna

This week, my feature is someone who I love dearly and have gotten to know very well over the past few years.  She is oh so talented and beautiful, not to mention very wise beyond her years.  Growing up, I always thought it would’ve been fun to have a younger sibling…and I am now lucky to have found one.  My feature this week is Mckinna, who just so happens to be Keeley’s younger sister!

I had lots of fun coming up with questions to ask Mckinna.  Hope you enjoy reading through our interview!

1) Name, age, year in school

McKinna Rose Tillotson, 18, Senior.

2) What’s the best part about being a senior in high school?  Most challenging?

The best part about being a senior in high school is being the oldest kids in the school but the most challenging is dealing with college applications and homework.

3)  Which class do you enjoy going to the most?

I most enjoy going to art class where I get to decide what I want to work on.

4)  Many people know that you are a wonderfully, talented artist, but many do not!  Can you explain what art means to you, why you enjoy it and what piece you are most proud of?  

Art is a way for me to block out anything that is going on and just concentrate fully on my piece. I really enjoy challenging my self with every new project. My favorite pieces are my marker drawings because of their unique media.

5)  Describe your perfect meal.

My perfect meal would be so unique that every part of it would be a surprise.

6) We both LOVE to cook/bake, look at food blogs, magazines etc.  With that said,

If you had to choose 5 essential kitchen tools/gadgets what would they be?

Food processor, good kitchen knife, kitchen aid mixer, ice cream machine, and cast iron skillet.

Best meal you’ve ever made?

For my sister’s birthday I made fresh butternut squash ravioli with sage butter sauce which was pretty tasty.

Best dessert you’ve ever made?

This salted caramel cake for my 16th birthday (I always like to make my own cake).

What is your favorite blog and why?  

Smitten Kitchen because she always makes very rich and homey dishes with great instructions. 

7) Much like art, you are a very talented ballerina!  Can you explain your dance history and why you choose to pursue ballet?  What is your company currently rehearsing for and explain the roles (and costumes) that you will play!

I have been dancing for about nine years and I have been a part of a Junior company, Northwest Dance Theatre, for fours years. I don’t remember exactly why I started dancing but I know I can’t see myself doing any other activity. 

I am very excited for our Nutcracker performance, which we do every year. In one of my roles I am the Dew Drop fairy in waltz of the flowers which I get to wear a green sparkly tutu which is always fun! Also I am in the Spanish Toffee dance in the land of sweet where I get to be very sassy :-).

8) What part of the world interests you the most and why?  Dream vacation?

I spent two days in Germany and I loved all of the people and the environment there so I think I would love to travel through Germany.  

9) What is a fun Halloween memory that you have from growing up?  What’s the best costume you’ve ever worn?

Probably trading candy with my brother and sister after trick or treating.  And I always liked being a hockey player when I was little because it made me feel tough.

10) Favorite Wild Squirrel flavor and way to eat it!

Always has and always will be Honey Pretzel. I eat it on PB and J's just about everyday.

11)  If there is one flavor you would LOVE for us to make, what would it be?

I think I would love a cashew butter.

12) What is something most people don’t know about you?  

Most people don’t know that I have swam with a whalfin, which is half whale half dolphin.

13) I know it’s hard to predict, but where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I hope to be in my first year of a medical program.

Thank Kinna for being my Wild Wednesday…you da best ;-)


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