Monday Musings


Hello, December!

We took photos for our holiday card this year -- nothing like a corny Santa hat photo!

We've also been obsessed with squash lately -- especially delicata!

Ever made a dream board?  If not, you should -- it's the perfect rainy winter day activity. Put on a little music, grab a stack of magazines, a glue stick and let your mind wander...Pictured here is my board that reflects both personal and company goals!

Sunday night was homemade pizza night!  Keeley and I both made our own crusts and toppings.  She made a whole wheat crust and I made a gluten free quinoa crust that was surprisingly delicious.  I've experimented with a few crust recipes before but this was by far the best yet.  Keeley's toppings= caramelized onions, delicata squash with fresh sage.  Erika's toppings = roasted eggplant and cabbage, sauteed mushrooms, and pesto.

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