Podcast #4: Liz of Portland Juice Press


Erika and I met Liz and her business partner Alyssa at a half marathon race in Portland this past summer. They were sampling their amazing juices (which of course tasted awesome after 13.1 miles in the sun) and we were so inspired by the story of their new company, Portland Juice Press.

The duo has seen incredible growth -- starting in January 2012 with concept and taste-testing, then a summer of successful online and kiosk sales. To top it all off, they've just opened their first official retail space, after less than a year in business (so not too impressive or anything). 

Plus, two women in their 20's who started a food company? You can see how Erika and I would be eager to make excuses to chat a bit more. So we were thrilled when Liz invited us to tour their new space and agreed to be interviewed on our new podcast

As soon as we stepped through the doors of the new store (located at 1212 SE Powell for all you Portlanders!) we could smell the fresh scent of produce. Trays of wheatgrass were being delivered to the door. It's a pretty cool place.

Of course, Erika and I went right for the juice. We tried them all. Then we took some freshly squeezed wheatgrass shots with Liz (Portlandia bonding at it's finest). Then we tried them all... again.

My favorite was the Cranberry Lime (but the Hazelnut Cinnamon is also incredible).

Then, we podcasted. It was awesome to learn more about the growth of Portland Juice Press and how the whole endeavor began. 

Erika and I also took the opportunity to commiserate a bit about the challenges of starting a company with a partner and the craziness of starting a company in your 20's (hello balance sheets, goodbye social lives!) 

To listen to and download the podcast (fo' free!) check it out on iTunes by clicking here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-wild-squirrel-podcast/id557392225

Thanks for tuning in! Happy Sunday.

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