2012: A Year in Review

Hello, everyone. Hope the first four days of 2013 have been magical for you all.

I think I speak for Erika and myself when I say that 2012 was nothing short of awesome. It was, without a doubt, the most monumental, incredible, crazy year in our lives. And we owe it all to... peanut butter.

 This time last year, we had launched in just over 30 grocery stores. We felt pretty cool about that, so we wrote a rap and became overnight music video sensations.


We attended trade shows and called store managers and carried jars of peanut butter into the backs of grocery stores. We got into even more stores. We put a lot of peanut butter into tiny little cups with tiny little spoons, so people could try Wild Squirrel. A lot of Wild Squirrel jars were put onto shelves and then taken home by happy grocery shoppers. This was one of the coolest parts of 2012 -- realizing we had a real company -- complete with a really good product and super awesome customers.

The summer of 2012 was a momentous time -- we moved out of our parents houses! We shopped at Ikea like there was no tomorrow. We bought desks and carpets and other big kid adult things. Then we hung out in our North Portland backyard and felt super cool. Leaving the suburbs never felt so good.

We also travelled in 2012 -- a lot! We road tripped through California touring Wild Squirrel's new grocery stores and racked up some nice frequent flier miles. 

Erika and I thought we couldn't get any closer, but 24+ hours in a car together proved us wrong. 

Did I mention that we also went to Harry Potter Land?!? Orlando was good to us.

 While we were travelling domestically, Wild Squirrel went international! Here's our friend Lily (and camel friend) repping Wild Squirrel in Israel, and a true German bagel being enjoyed with a little American almond butter.

We appeared in Oprah Magazine... and on Shark Tank. It's been hard dealing with the pressures that come with being A-list celebrities, but don't worry -- we still find time to see our old friends in between red carpet events.  

It's been a majorly amazing year. Thanks so much for all your support! We've been having so much fun learning and growing alongside Wild Squirrel, and all of you -- our family, friends, customers, and super fans -- have made it possible.

Happy 2013 -- may it be as magical as 2012!

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  1. Are your products in any stores in the midwestsuch as Missouri? I. Just ordered a pack of all the flavors to be shipped. Hower there are local markets in our area tthat would sell a ton of these down on St Charles Main Street. Do you have any shops in Missouri that sell your brand currently? Thanks! Laurie W