Podcast #6: Happy 2013 + Being "Students" Again


So, we podcasted again!

Oh, you didn't know we had a podcast? That's okay... neither did my mom.

Anyways, it's called the Wild Squirrel Podcast, and you can download it on iTunes, here.

In this episode, we talk about lots of things, but mostly about paint, New Years "Focuses" and extracurricular kitchen activities (like COOKING, you guys, jeez).

Below are some images to illustrate our discussions from the show...

In case you're wondering what "living in a collage" feels like, here's a photo of our college dorm room (and a nice image of two of us camping during high school).

Gotta love the Dalai Lama. Also... we clearly drank a lot of Yogi tea.

New year, new paint -- Erika chooses "Bamboo Forest", after significant debate. 

We attended Foodworx in Portland and listened to super inspiring speakers!

Our favorites were Clare Carver from Big Table Farm, David Howitt from the Meriwether Group, and Brian David Johnson from Intel. We had fun being "students" again, taking notes and just soaking up some knowledge!

Thanks for listening! Email us, tweet us or Facebook us with questions, ideas or comments. And don't forget to download & review on iTunes. We appreciate you, our listeners... whoever you are!

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