Squirrels in San Fran!


Last weekend Keeley and I hopped off a plane at LAX with our dreams and our cardigans!  Okay not really, I just wanted to fit that gem of a lyric by Miley Cyrus in somehow...What really happened?  We went to San Francisco!  SO much better then LA!  No offense anyone/everyone who lives in that part of the Golden State.

Reason for going to San Francisco?  There is an awesome specialty foods trade show called Fancy Foods that happens every year in San Fran and we exhibited for the first time!

Here we are in our booth!  We were at the show for 2 days passing out samples of our nut butters and talking to retailers, brokers, distributors etc.  We attend these shows for a couple of reasons.  The most fun reason of course is the crazy amount of samples we get to try.

Usually trade shows consist of questionable looking food under heat lamps...but since this was the Fancy Foods show, the samples were...FANCY!  Imagine every kind of chocolate bar, truffle, caramel, smoked salmon, cheese, cured meat, baked good...I could go on.  There came a point where I had to force myself to go back to our booth for fear that my body would explode from all of the sugar I had just consumed.  Not kidding.

But then we went to Whole Foods and our lives (and bodies) were back in balance!  Kale thank you for existing.

Whole Foods is our home away from home when we travel.  As soon as we book a trip, we head to Google maps and figure out the distance from our hotel to the nearest location.  Some people explore museums and parks, we explore Whole Foods!  We like to call it our National Whole Foods tour.  So far we've been to about 20...only 280 left!

Traveling is awesome, but with travel comes inconsistent sleeping and eating schedules.  But knowing that a Whole Foods is close by makes us happy lil' Squirrels.

A highlight of the trade show was meeting these two amazing Olympians!  They played on the U.S. water polo team in London and were proudly sporting their medals at the American pistachio booth.  The U.S. water polo teams are sponsored by pistachio growers and they were also exhibiting at the show!  We gave them some of our single serve packs!  Maybe someday Wild Squirrel can power U.S. Olympic teams...

While we were in San Francisco the February issue of Food and Wine magazine came out and our Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter was featured!

Another awesome part of the trip was our Facebook headquarters tour!  We got to see where all of the Facebook magic happens!

The campus was full of hustling/energetic employees, restaurants, cool murals, meeting rooms themed as Harry Potter, and a barber shop...weird, but very efficient.  They have basically created a little world where employees don't have to leave.  It felt like a college campus but better!

We decided we couldn't leave San Fran without a visit to the Golden Gate!

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