Business Lunch: Brass Tacks Sandwiches

Keeley and I have had our eye on this place ever since moving to Portland.  It's a cute little sandwich shop near our house. The shop was founded by women and continues to be woman-owned (awesome) and they serve vegan and meat sandwiches (also awesome) with the option of gluten free bread (boom).

With all this in mind, we set aside some time one afternoon to head down the street for lunch.
When I stopped eating gluten, I also stopped eating sandwiches.  Gluten free bread is rather expensive, usually not that good, and not something that I generally crave, so it's rarely a part of my diet.  BUT my sandwich craving was reignited by this charming cafe...just look at this beauty!

I've never been one of those people to just pick a couple of toppings to have on their sandwich/salad/burger etc.  I like EVERYTHING!

So this sammy was stacked high with delicious spreads, pickled veggies, and roasted turkey. And that bread?! With those beautiful grill marks...It is indeed gluten free and actually delicious!

Way to go Brass Tacks.  You done good.

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