Podcast #8: Fellow Entrepreneur Interview, Shelley Gunton of Castor and Pollux Petworks


Shelley Gunton has been a mentor of ours since very early on in our business. As a successful entrepreneur in the grocery world, she's helped us in so many ways! We were so excited to have her on the podcast... it turns out we've spent way too much time talking about ourselves during our coffee dates with Shelley -- her story is so interesting!

Shelley is the founder of Castor and Pollux, an all-natural and organic pet products company, which she and her husband started right here in Portland, Oregon. We chatted with Shelley about how she unexpectedly found herself in the pet industry, how she ended up having to escape the Chinese Mafia (really!) and how to navigate a company from a just good idea to a successful sale.

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Happy Friday everyone :)

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