Podcast #7: Omnivore's Dilemma


Another podcast is up on iTunes -- download it here! We realized that we have only podcasted around once a month. Where does the time go? We'll try to do it more since it turns out we actually have listeners! Which is awesome. Hello, listeners!

Please enjoy the below visual accompaniment to our podcast.

As Erika blogged below... we journeyed to San Francisco. We took lots of self portraits while there. In case you're wondering, I wear that polka dot scarf... every day.

Erika and I perfected our driver/navigator relationship. When I get inside Erika's brain, I can tell the difference between when she is trying to change lanes and when she is just thinking about lunch and ignoring road signs.

We talked to ALL of these people about peanut butter. Then we ate lots of free chocolate truffles.

Facebook headquarters is awesome! They have graffiti of kickass women on their wall. And drawings of peanut butter jars, that I may or may not have drawn there...

Erika accidentally stalked Mark Zuckerberg... and then I took this photo. He really does look a lot like Jesse Eisenberg. Good casting, Hollywood.

Speaking of Facebook movie casting (not intended, but worked out for the sake of this transition) click "play" on the video below to listen to Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake...

But picture this adorable creature singing and dancing...

Awesome... riiiight?

That's it for now! Please go listen to the podcast, this will all make more sense.

If you think about it, while you're there, rate us and comment on iTunes too! Leave us questions here, on our Facebook or Twitter, and we'll answer them on next week's podcast!

Later gators.

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