Weekend Weblinks!

Hello friends! Erika and I are off on another trip -- this time through the beautiful Bellingham, Washington area. We've been sampling from 11 to 6 every day and while we love meeting new people and handing out peanut butter, by the end of the day we can't wait to put our feet up and spend a little mindless time on our computers. 

Here's a bit of what's been entertaining/interesting me this weekend...
1. Watching my new favorite TV show fulfills my secret dream to be a country music star (especially if I can have Rayna James's hair...)
2. It's still winter so I say making this olive oil gingerbread cake is totally fair game.
3. This awesome interview with Aziz Ansari (some of you may know him better as Tom from Parks and Rec).
4. This cute print -- I want to hang it in our kitchen (K is for Kale!)
5. Somebody make me this veggie stack for dinner tonight!

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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