There is something that I have learned in the past few months...running a company requires a lot of travel.  Especially when you only have 3 "employees," Keeley, her Dad and myself, trying to run the whole show!  

There are trade shows in Florida, meetings in Austin, sampling tours to be done in Seattle and California... I could go on.  All of these trips are necessary and exhausting (I mean exciting), but there are countless things I miss about home when we are on the road...or in a plane...or on a boat.

If you are curious as to what I miss...I will tell you!  Actually if you are reading this you don't have much choice now do you.

I miss my MOM!  My mom is one of the most wonderfully upbeat and lovable people you will ever meet.  If you know her you will agree with me wholeheartedly.  If you don't, I hope you have someone in your life who is equally as positive and supportive as my Mom is!

When we are in town and happen to be by her work, aka Tualatin High School where Keeley and I both graduated from, we like to stop in and surprise her with her fave Starbucks drink.  She teaches freshman English after all...so she needs that coffee.

There's something very comforting about my Mom's desk.  It's very well lit, filled with pictures of dogs and there is always a jar of my favorite mints.

Another person I miss when we travel is Keeley's sister Mckinna, who is as close to a little sister as I will ever get!

Kinna is a student at the high school where my Mom teaches at, so it's very convenient to drop treats off for both of them. 

We picked these little orange treasures up to help combat the mid-day school boredom that I remember so well...

Spreading love around in the form of coffee, mango slices and a sparkling Izze=AWESOME.

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  1. I agree Erika, your mom is awesome! So happy for you in your expansion! Guess I'll need to get a new shirt! I don't have the squirel on this one, lol!