Podcast #11: We're Yo Pros

Hello Wild Friends! We've got another podcast lined up for you all. [Listen and download for free here!]

First of all -- Boom! We've achieved 3 podcasts in March.

It's spring! Erika likes the weather getting warmer, because Erika has Raynaud's Disease. We're thinking about hosting a Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for a cure... although we have a sneaking suspicion it wouldn't be all that successful.

We made orange chicken, just like we promised we would! Martha gave us the recipe, and it was delicious.

Speaking of Martha, Keeley really likes this new commercial:

Tyler Florence's Paella is next on our list to make. We're wondering if Tyler Florence has teeth since he has permanently adopted a strange smirky half-smile. We did a little research, and it seems in his younger days he was less ashamed of his teeth (or less self-satisfied).


Erika joined LinkedIn! You should all join her network. She's learning the ropes of networking, but it might be a while before there is any info on there...

Viewer question: How do we develop our flavors? Lots of experimenting. We've been sampling and hearing lots of reactions to our flavors (mostly good -- hurrah!). We don't remember when we first tried almond butter, but we've been introducing people to it lately. We're clearing up some misconceptions about this alternative nut butter.

We've also reconfigured our Chocolate Sunflower Seed almond butter and Chocolate Coconut peanut butter -- we now use unsweetened dark chocolate and sweeten with agave. Now we get to decide how sweet our nut butters are instead of our chocolate manufacturers! It's pretty awesome.

We're having a National PB&J Party... and you're all invited.

We'll be making Joy the Baker's cookies, Sarah B's cookies, PB&J blondies... and more. Sorry if you leave our party with a stomach ache, but don't say we didn't warn you.

As always, we LOVE your iTunes reviews, your ratings, your comments, your questions. We also love... you.

Until next time!

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  1. I absolutely love your podcasts and I'm so glad you did 3 of them in March! Can't wait for my 3 April podcasts ;)Anyhow, I just wanted to know when your nut butters will finally be available in Europe. I've tried ordering online but you don't ship to Europe :( Is there any way I could get hold of some over here? Happy traveling!!
    - Antonia