Podcast #9: Squirrels Gone Wild + Q&A

So, we had 1 podcast in January, 2 podcasts in February, and we're going for 3 in March!

Think we can do it? We hope so. Don't expect 12 podcasts in December though... that's just way too much linear growth for us.

You can download our NEW podcast here, and feel free to follow along in the show notes!

We rebranded! I wrote about it on this very blog. Our new logo looks similar and yet... different. It's over on your left... see it?

We also launched a new flavor!!

It has sesame seeds and cranberries in it... in case you didn't know. You can buy it in our store in jars, packets coming soon!

Then we got into some Q&A:

Hannah wanted to know what the best gluten free recipes are!

 Erika answered her beautifully. 

Also, it turns out Keeley can only sort of do an impression of Rachel Ray.

She meant to sound like this:

Unfortunately, the impression ended up in a different place entirely.

Sorry Hannah.

Luckily Erika came through with some recipe suggestions:

Thai Style Crock Pot Curry
Quinoa + Roasted Veggies with a Tahini Dressing

Plus, our fridge/freezer/pantry staples that create gluten-free (and dairy-free) meals easily:

- Quinoa
- Brown rice
- Lentils
- Dried/canned beans
- Nut butter (of course!)
- Mixed nuts
- Avocados
- Lots of produce! Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, onions, beets and winter squashes are our current faves
- Lean chicken, turkey, and beef
- Eggs
- Unsweetened coconut and almond milk
- Vinegars (balsamic, red wine, rice, apple cider)
- Mustard

Then Chris asked if we were developing any more new flavors -- we answered his question with another Rachel Ray impression.

Our deepest apologies, Chris.

Hope this video of Rachel making Mole Chili is helpful...

Finally, we were asked by Rose about our business partnership, and if it has changed our friendship. It definitely has... but mostly in unpredictable and great ways. 

Erika then did a really good impression of the sorting hat from Harry Potter.

For comparison (skip ahead to the middle):

Thanks for listening!! Until next time, all you wild friends out there.

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