Spring Time Snapshots

It's officially springtime and I couldn't be happier!  As a person who gets cold all too easy, the thought of dreary, wet days being replaced by warm, sunny ones is music to my ears.  And to my cold hands...

Not only do I love the change of season for temperature reasons, but I also love the new colors and smells that come with spring.  There are pretty flowers everywhere, and I have the urge to pick them all!  But then I stop myself when I realize I'd like to stay friends with my neighbors...

Our backyard lawn got it's first "haircut" of the season.  Also I finally planted some seeds in my little garden box.

Another thing I love to do but don't do much during winter months is run outside instead of on the treadmill!  The past few weeks I have been exploring the pavement yet again.  Pink gadgets for the win.

Even though I still eat soup regularly (it's just so soup-er delicious!), I am beginning to crave fresh, lighter foods like sushi..and seaweed salad!  I know it sounds crazy and kind of gross, but it's coated in vinegar, spices and sugar...it rocks.  End of story.

Some good friends from high school were in town and it just so happened to be beautiful... So another meal was enjoyed in the fresh, spring air.

For those of you who are still experiencing cold, snowy weather.  I'm SO sorry.  I hope the sunshine finds you eventually!

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