Are We In The Circus?

Sometimes I feel as though we are a part of a traveling circus.  Although I have no personal experience ever being in something of that nature, I can imagine what it would be like...driving around to a bunch of different cities with a truck full of props, costumes and animals, sleeping in unknown places, not knowing who or what you will encounter that day!

Now replace the truck with a Subaru, the animals with peanut butter, the unknown sleeping arrangements for generous family friends, and the circus performance with our sampling "script," and you have our situation.  Slightly different but actually far too similar...trust me on this one.

For the past 2 weeks, Keeley and I have been traveling for what I will now refer to as our "circus tour".  We recently got into a huge chain of stores called Raley's/Bel Air/Nob Hill, most of which are located in California.  It is super exciting to be in such a well known chain as this one!

Whenever we get into new stores, we do our best to show our support through samplings done by us.   This time was no different!  We loaded up our Subaru aka the "Subie" with all sorts of supplies and headed down south to the beautiful (and SUNNY) California!

These kinds of sampling trips are spent primarily in grocery stores talking to customers, handing out samples and wishing the stores weren't so dang cold. 

It's always fun when little guys like this one come up and try all of the flavors.  His favorite=HONEY PRETZEL!  He loved the crunch and told us so through a mouth full of P.B.

When we weren't talking to customers, we passed the time by reminiscing about child hood snacks that we find ourselves surrounded by in stores.  Like Sour Skittles, Teddy Grahams and Doritos...

More importantly, we like to figure out where lunch will be!  And by where, I just mean where the closest Whole Foods was.  They are everywhere in California which for us is such a bonus.  

Eating healthy while on the go can be a bit challenging, but thankfully Whole Foods has incredible hot bars full of fresh and healthy options.   Their hot bars are my equivalent of a play ground.  SO many yummy concoctions to try and look at.

This is how I felt after eating a Whole Foods lunch.  Full, calm and ready for a nap.

Oh but wait, no time to nap because we have another sampling in 20 minutes....shoot.

Back in the car we go!

We spend A LOT of time in the car. (Just so you know, the car is parked in this photo)  I'm usually the one driving and Keeley is my expert navigator.  This works best as I have been known to get us lost a time or two...

After a long day of driving, sampling, more driving and more sampling...we were greeted by these crazy animals!!

The friends we were staying with have a Great Dane (aka the small pony on the left) and a new "puppy" (the crazy one on the right.)  I wish this photo could effectively demonstrate the energy this puppy has.  He. Is. Craaaaaazy.  But we loved every bit of it.

We also met this dog.  Her name was Pippy and well, she was something else.  Keeley and I have come across a lot of weird dogs throughout our travels.  Since we can't have a dog at this wild, unpredictable stage of our lives, we adopt other people's dogs for a while and pretend they are ours...

During our trip we took a day off and ventured into San Francisco!  Love that city.

Since we had eaten almost every lunch at Whole Foods, it was time to branch out.  I was craving Asian food, so thanks to Yelp we found this awesome spot called Burma Superstar.

Hello pumpkin shrimp curry.

We then enjoyed the beautiful spring afternoon with coffee and book reading.  Fresh air and sun are 2 things that are definitely lacking in grocery stores, so we enjoyed every minute of this day!

After many more days of doing this...

We said goodbye to the beautiful California and headed back home to our beloved Portland!

Adios palm trees!  Those things are so weird....

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  1. KGT casually peruses the children's book section, and feels right at home.

    Nice post and photos!