Podcast #12: When the Sun Goes Down, the Uggs Go On

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We are living a vagabond lifestyle in our car. We stand by large banners of ourselves and sell peanut butter by day… eat rice cakes in San Francisco traffic by night. 

But because we feel like being glamorous celebrities, we are interviewing each other… celebrity style!

Erika wants to know what’s on Keeley’s bedside table… the answer is: trash… and an iPad.

Erika then starts to wonder when nightstands became popular. In the very off chance any of the rest you have ever wondered about that… we looked it up. First known use of the word nightstand was in 1892... they were used to contain chamber pots. Who knew? Good question, Erika. I think we all learned something.

Erika then gives us lots of beauty advice – from her favorite Ugg boots, to the secret to her glowing skin.

She also advises you to never wash your hair, if you want to have a healthy mane!

Keeley’s feet are crazy and they never stay still! They like to be in running shoes and Birkenstocks because there is plenty of space for them to hang out.

Keeley and Erika then discuss the frustration of ballet shoes and heels being the only options for businesswomen that want to look nice. Yeah, we're talking about you, pained women walking around town. Where are all the comfortable shoes?

We plan a party, inviting whomever we want (celebrity or non-celebrity)! This question for some reason makes Keeley very uncomfortable, and she plans a very awkward gathering. Erika puts together a much more reasonable grouping of people. I think we all know who we'd prefer planning our parties!

Finally, Keeley has to shop for dinner in 10 minutes – she decides to make a rhubard gallette (like this one) with a fresh spinach and lentil salad and balsamic glazed grilled chicken.

The strategic way to do this within the 10 minute time limit would be to ask for the meat first and then run to get everything else, pick up the meat, and leave!

Finally, Antonia left an awesome comment on our last podcast! She lives in Europe, and wants to order online. Unfortunately we can’t ship internationally, but we would love to mail you some product Antonia! Send us your address and we’ll hook you up J

Thanks for listening everyone! Until next time.


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