Squirrels Do Philly

Normally when we travel, we take morning flights.  But this time I decided to switch it up a bit.  I booked a red-eye!  What an experience that was.

Keeley was afraid there would be shifty people on our flight.  I was afraid of the insomnia that would be a result of flying when I should be in a bed...sleeping. However, we survived and made it to our destination!  We quickly found our rental car and then began navigating the streets of Philadelphia!

One of the reasons for our cross country voyage was to sample in a chain of stores called Wegmans that we recently got our peanut butters into.

These stores are full of natural and organic products.  So a perfect home for our PB!  Also, we immediately liked these stores because they look like castles!   Which bumps the cool factor up a few notches.

For 2 days we hung out in these royal establishments and sampled to some wonderful Philly residents!

We met some awesome customers, like this lovely lady named Amanda!  She totally made our day when she said that on the way to meet us at the store she was listening to our podcast in the car.  Our minds were completely blown... People actually listen to our podcast?  Woah.

If you aren't one of those people and have no idea what I'm talking about check us out on iTunes!

Another reason for making the trek to Philly was to attend a QVC training.  Yes, you heard me correctly: QVC... also known as the largest televised home shopping network to ever exist!

For about 5 hours we learned everything and more about the QVC business model, their philosophy and what is expected of us as guests!  We also got to meet a couple of the hosts and practice in front of the cameras.

It was definitely one of those "my life is so weird" moments...

After spending the day prepping for our QVC airing (which we will announce soon!), we explored downtown Philly.

Here I am in front of the country's second bank.  How cool is that?!  Living on the West Coast my whole life, I am not accustomed to historical monuments being scattered throughout cities.

It's pretty incredible the way cities such as Philadelphia have preserved the rich history of this country.  Can't wait to do more East Coast exploring some day!

Many of the museums were closed so we just walked around and eventually stumbled upon this pretty guy!  Keeley fell in love immediately.

It was a great trip overall but as always, we were thrilled to return to our beloved Portland ;-)


  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out! It was so great meeting you girls at Wegman's! Hope to see you both on the East Coast again!

  2. I just discovered your products... and immediately looked where I could buy them. I live in DC, but my parents are in Rochester, NY (where Wegmans started) and I am going to have to ask them to bring some next time they visit! Love Wegmans- I'm so glad they are carrying your products!