Podcast #13: "We're Not Politicians"

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First order of business: Just as promised... we made paella! 

We pat ourselves on the backs for being so good at keeping promises. We make a lot of promises (sort of like politicians) except we aren't politicians (too much time making policy, too little time making paella).

Paella is a classic Spanish dish consisting of rice, seafood/meat, and delicious spices!

We used (of course) Tyler Florence's recipe! But we made it cheaper, because we're cheapskates. No expensive seafood for us! Just chicken, shrimp and sausage. It was delicious and our friends helped us devour it.

Erika bought Keeley a paella pan from Cost Plus Market for Christmas and she's just now using it... bad gift receiver award?

The squirrels are headed off to Philadelphia, on a red eye. We might see some strange characters... we'll let you know.

We chat about how we stay organized amidst the craziness of traveling and working simultaneously. We have very different techniques.

Keeley uses Dropbox/Google Docs to make sure she has everything with her all the time, even if she only has her iPhone. This makes traveling less stressful, especially since her 8 year old brain was much better at storing information during games of Clue than her 20 year old brain is at storing information about inventory numbers.

Erika takes notes in her notebook, and keeps it with her always (photo from January... you can listen to that podcast on iTunes as well if her notes about paint intrigue you...)

 It's sort of like Tom Riddle's diary... We might stab it with a basilisk fang and see what happens.

Keeley is training for the Eugene Marathon, and we talk about how she's fitting that in. Google calendar is awesome! We are basically a commercial for Google/Apple. Those two companies rule our organizational lives.

We are tired of all the complaining/humble bragging about being so "busy".

We are declaring that we have enough time to do the things we want to do! So, how can we use our extra time to make our lives even more organized, more fun, and more rewarding? We brainstorm and come up with a few ideas, which we'll follow up on next time!

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Later gators!

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  1. I loved this episode of the podcast, especially the conversation about the glorification of busy! I had a college professor once who challenged us to say "I'm so mindful" each time we were tempted to say "I'm so busy." Also, I totalled loved listening to Keeley's musings on marathon training whilst doing a million other things. I graduated from college, moved to a new state, started a new job and trained for and ran my first marathon all in a 5 month period. Sometimes I felt like a crazy-person, but most of the time I really appreciated my training as a source of grounding amongst a lot of transitions. And, yeah, my long runs were never on Sunday mornings...Monday afternoons anyone? Can't wait for the next episode!